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Ciptor will help you to succeed with GDPR


Ciptor work on Global basis to help organisations to make their data, communication and online accounts more secure. Ciptor's GDPR experts help you to implement your GDPR strategy to make it possible for your company to meet up with the new EU Data Protection Regulation.

Ciptor is a Official Partner for Yubico, Ego Secure, HappyOrNot, Quest, Scrive, Feitian, GrandID, iDKI, XXLSEC, GDATA, Green Rocket and StoredSafe. Ciptor can help your business grow by offering great products, including the HappyOrNot reporting system



Ciptor, where cyber security are engineered.

Ciptor will help your organisation to build the cyber security you need 
to create a beautiful, accessable and functional modern work place.

Bring e-signing into your organisation

With the demands of today's online business, the needs for making online agreement is in more demand like never before. Ciptor is your global partner and we are independent on any software or hardware. We provide digital e-signing and advisory across the entire value chain.




Gain GDPR compliance with EgoSecure

Due to the widely differing data protection regulations within the EU countries, the EU
Commission has developed a general directive on the protection of the data of EU citizens - the
"General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR". In the past, the German Federal Data Protection Act
(BDSG) was one of the most stringent laws within the EU, which is why many provisions of the
BDSG will be included in the new directive.

The GDPR will become valid in March 2018 throughout the EU and most companies will have to
take additional safety measures to meet the requirements.

EgoSecure Data Protection offers a complete solution portfolio that solves the most important data                protection issues at the endpoints and also meets the requirements of the GDPR.

As a German manufacturer, EgoSecure is certainly the best partner to master the challenges of
the GDPR, as we have been supporting more than 2,000 German companies comply with the
provisions of the BDSG for over 10 years





State Criminal Police Offfice

Always one step ahead of data thives



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To measure their customer satisfaction




The Criminal Justice Information Services

Access their sensitive data with GreenRADIUS

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