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    CSOF IAM powered by IBM Verify the world's #1 IAM solution

CSOF - Hasselfree Security for Your Business 

Cyber Security in One Framework

  • Admin controls to manage team members
  • Alerts for compromised websites and passwords
  • VPN
  • Real-time phishing alerts
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Phishing proof Security Key
  • Dark Web insights
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • SIEM Integration
  • SCIM Provisioning
  • Personal Customer Success Manager
  • Works on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome and Linux

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€ 495 value (€1,035) 

5 Accounts billed annualy

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  • 5 Dashlane Business Account 
  • 5 phishing proof security keys A4B Feitian
  • VPN Hotspot Shield Premium
  • Console to manage your team members
  • Delivery
  • Friendly personal expert support


€ 995 value (€2,075)

10 Accounts billed annually

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  • 10 Dashlane Business Account
  • 10 phishing proof security keys. A4B Feitian
  • VPN Hotspot Shield Premium
  • Console to manage your team members
  • Delivery
  • Friendly personal expert support


€ 5,495 value (€10,990)

50 Accounts billed annually

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  • 50 Dashlane Business Account
  • 50 phishing proof security keys. A4B Feitian
  • VPN Hotspot Shield Premium
  • Console to manage your team members
  • Delivery
  • Friendly personal expert support


Large enterprise

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  • Everything in CSOF

+ Cusotmized identity managemnet solutions

+ Robust scalability for large enterprises

+ Reporting and custom security policies

+ Friendly personal expert support


Eliminate Identity Silos with CSOF IAM powered by IBM Verify

CSOF IAM Powered by IBM, a revolutionary standalone solution designed to eliminate account takeovers and streamline access control.

Built with flexibility, efficiency, and scalability in mind, this is not merely a directory server; it represents a fresh perspective on envisioning and managing identities in today’s complex environments.

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CSOF Cyber Security Assesment Tool

Elevate Your Cyber Security with Our Self-Check Assessment Tool

In today's digital age, safeguarding your company's data is more critical than ever. Our Cyber Security Self-Check Assessment Tool is here to empower your business by providing an in-depth evaluation of your current security measures and identifying areas for improvement.

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CSOF Threat Detection powered by NVIDIA and IBM

Transform Your Incident Response with AI-Driven Solutions.

Empower Your Security Team with Advanced AI and Automation and leverage the power of enterprise-grade AI and automation embedded within our solution to significantly boost analyst productivity. Designed for resource-constrained security teams, our solution helps you work smarter and more effectively across your core technologies.

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Ciptor CSOF IAM leverages IBM Security Verify, the comprehensive IAM platform that caters to all your needs.

As a certified IBM integrator of IBM Security Verify, we specialize in simplifying global team management, empowering businesses to take swift and confident action. With IBM Verify, you can effortlessly and securely onboard new contractors, employees, or customers. Say goodbye to inefficient and cumbersome methods, as IBM Verify streamlines the entire process. Rest assured that IBM Security Verify handles it all, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

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Introducing IBM Security Verify: The #1 Global IAM Platform for Building Confidence in Compliance.

Effectively managing compliance for your domestic and global workforce is crucial, and IBM Security Verify is here to help. IBM Verify is a comprehensive solution designed with your unique needs in mind, offering a user-focused approach and global compatibility all in one centralized platform.

With IBM Security Verify, you can seamlessly ensure compliance and confidently protect your organization's assets. Experience the power of our leading IAM platform today.

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Flexible and Modern Mobile Authentication for Healthcare Professionals

We offer a variety of flexible, mobile-based authentication methods designed to meet the latest standards for employee authentication in the healthcare sector.

Ideal Solution for Home Healthcare Providers

For employees visiting patients at home, the Feitian Security Key is an excellent choice. These keys allow device sharing while providing each employee with a personal Security Key for secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) login.

Experience modern, secure authentication methods tailored for healthcare professionals.

This small key simplifies your daily workflow, offering a modern and secure way to authenticate.

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