12 years of keeping organizations and their workforce

    and customers safe and secure

    Our groundbreaking advances have shaped the landscape of authentication. Today, we've pioneered IAM and MFA with the world's best selling SecurityKey's and HYPR.


Together, we can secure the future of the digital you 

Ever since we began making authentication more secure, our team of engineers passion for new technological trails to safeguard our clients workforce and customers has always been our priority. We extract the best of us to reach every single one of our goals as a team. Inspired what we have learned from thousands of deployments our R&D, is ready to take up the fight against cyberattacks and hackers. Are you ready?


Secure your business with a Biometric Security Key

The Biometric SecurityKey is part of your company securityplatform and gives you control over who is allowed to login to your workspace. The Biometric Security Key is made primarily for desktops. It works out-of-the-box with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux and Edge.

  • Lock and unlock your desktop
  • Secure all your business applications
  • Secure all your web applications
  • Secure all your mobile applications
  • Secure all your social media accounts 
  • Secure your workspace


Buy Your SecurityKey Now

How we can help you implementing Security Key's 

Bring your cybersecurity to the next level, making it more effective utilizing the latest technologies available. Our Security Key Lifecycle Management Platform (SMP) will assist with optimizing your deployment across multiple user groups and scenarion. Step into a world of automated deployment of Security Key's that will save you time and money while delivering high performing cybersecurity to prevent phising and account takeover. Book a free demo to get to know more about how our technology can help you.

Step 1


With a SecurityKey


Use your mobilephone as a SecurityKey with HYPR

Step 2


Your Workforce will get Single Sign-On and auto provisioning to all the applications and services that you use in your organisation.

Step 3


Integrate with your existing infrastructure and get control over your business ecosystem

Free support and on-boarding


How does it work?

You are aware and have heard about Security Key's and FIDO2, but you among others might still have trouble to understand exactly what it is and how you can start using it. In short our SMP is a fully automatically all-inclusive lifecycle management platform helping you to deploy Security Key's accross your organisations and to connect it to all your critical business and web applications both cloud and on-prem. By using our platform you can connect user and applications in a easy and secure way. Our platform has an increadible scalability and it allows you to connect any business or web application available on the Internet, by only using one system.



One monthly payment includes the maintenance, protection for workforce, accounts, datacenter, and your customers. Ciptor ITSAFE also takes care of compliance to GDPR and PSD2

It's easy and secure

Subscribing online is easy and no need to negotiate. Choose your prefferd country, and we will contact you to schedule a time to discuss how your new modern and passwordless way to work could look like. 

It's flexible

Your business can change, we change with you. No long-term commitment and the flexibility to cancel after 6 months. 

How it works

OSINT for a better world

To fight online child abuse, human trafficking, counter terrorism and fraud, law enforcement agencies and the financial services industry need the best open source intelligence. Ciptor provide our clients with leading OSINT solutions from WebIQ to make the world a better place.

Ready-to-use solutions

With a well developed toolbox of technologies and applications, WebIQ are in use by several European and international projects and develop high-end OSINT solutions for law enforcement agencies, governments and financial institutions.

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Best Selling Security Key's 

Feitian SecurityKey K44

Feitian SecurityKey K44



Feitian SecurityKey K9


Feitian SecurityKey K9



Feitian C200 OATH/TOTP


Feitian C200 OATH/TOTP



  • USB-C and Lightning Connector
  • Connect unlimited numbers of  accounts with the same key
  • Great to protect your employees against account takeovers
  • Durable metal casing design
  • Works both on USB and NFC Communication
  • Great to protect your employees against account takeovers
  • Connect unlimited numbers of account with the same key
  • Fits nicely on a key-chain
  • When your devices doesn't have USB-ports, Bluetooth or NFC
  • Supports Microsoft Azure MFA
  • Zero client software installation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Fits nicely on a key-chain

Your Ultimate Modern Passwordless Authentication Platform!

The globally-recognized and trusted FIDO Authentication technology can turn your Smartphones into a SecurityKey.

We are hosting our Platform in Switzerland and it's 100% PSD2 and GDPR compliance. We offer our platforms as:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service(PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Contact one of our certified HYPR Experts for a free demo and learn how  we can help your business!

Try Passwordless Free

 With HYPR in Place Your Buisness Will Become True Passwordless

HYPR eliminates phishing, fraud, and friction.
HYPR Passwordless MFA makes it easy for businesses to deploy secure, lightning-fast login for everyone, everywhere!

Security Keys Are User Friendly

FIDO2 Security Keys allow individuals, businesses, and government agencies and contractors to replace passwords with a secure, fast, scalable, cost-effective login solution.

  • Reduces the need to remember and type passwords
  • Works with everyday devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops
  • One device works across all services (e.g., Microsoft, Apple, Gmail, Facebook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc.)




How it works

Full stack platform

Our Security Key MFA lifecycle platform is a full-service deployement and multi-factor connector solution from which businesses can plan, deploy, add MFA,  manage, monitor, configure, implement self-service modules, sign and provisioning accounts in real-time.

We have developed our platform in order to meet today's and tomorrow demands from businesses to simplify access for your workforce and customers and in the same time prevent phisihing and account takeover in one single easy-to-use interface.


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