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This storm is brewing, and it's really hard to anticipate just how bad that will be. It doesn't matter you're in finance, education, government, logistics or any other industry, this is your opportunity to protect your organizations against costly data breaches. We help you to upgrade and prepare your organization through a cohesive strategy of security assessments, data protection and threat mitigation.


ITSAFE A Modern Cybersecurity Platform 

Today's workforces are more remote than ever, and to keep up the speed in your businesses you require a fast, easy and modern connectivity to be productive. With a workforce spread across multiple locations mean more opportunities for hackers and cybercriminals. With more threats sending the risk level higher, it's more critical than ever to ensure you have a strategy in place to protect your data and sensitive information.

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Did you know Microsoft have 111 million password attacks every day!


M365 attacks

Attack vectors

Source: The state of authentication in the finance industry 2022


Most Common Attack Vectors

Financial service organizations continue to be targeted by cyberattacks. Nearly all (94%) surveyed financial service organizations faced some type of attack over the past 12 months, with phishing (36%) remaining the most prevalent.

The threat from push notification attacks is also significant (29%), particularly among organizations in the US (38%). Sometimes called MFA-prompt bombing, push attacks specifically target the push notifications used by many authenticators. It is a favorite technique of modern hacking groups, including Lapsus$, which recently breached Okta, Microsoft, Samsung and others.

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Turn DarkNet Data Into Fact

As DarkNet experts, we work with you to develop your DarkNet system to increase business value, simplify, and automatically investigates, and monitors threats on the darknet and other relevant places on the internet to help you to quantify risk and understand your threat attack surface by leveraging darknet intelligence.

We provide turnkey consulting, design and development services. 

State of Authentication


In tough economic times, every drop of revenue matters. How much will a data breach cost your organisation

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Final Mastercard

Security Keys Are User Friendly

FIDO2 Security Keys allow individuals, businesses, and government agencies and contractors to replace passwords with a secure, fast, scalable, cost-effective login solution.

  • Reduces the need to remember and type passwords
  • Works with everyday devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops
  • One device works across all services (e.g., Microsoft, Apple, Gmail, Facebook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc.)




Best Selling Security Key's 

Feitian SecurityKey K44

Feitian SecurityKey K44



Feitian SecurityKey K9


Feitian SecurityKey K9



Feitian C200 OATH/TOTP


Feitian C200 OATH/TOTP



  • USB-C and Lightning Connector
  • Connect unlimited numbers of  accounts with the same key
  • Great to protect your employees against account takeovers
  • Durable metal casing design
  • Works both on USB and NFC Communication
  • Great to protect your employees against account takeovers
  • Connect unlimited numbers of account with the same key
  • Fits nicely on a key-chain
  • When your devices doesn't have USB-ports, Bluetooth or NFC
  • Supports Microsoft Azure MFA
  • Zero client software installation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Fits nicely on a key-chain
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