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FEITIAN OTP QR Code Tokens are (PSD2) Compliance 

QR Code has becoming more and more popular in these days, it provides a convenient and yet secure way for transferring data, authentication, and payment. FEITIAN, as the worlding leading identification service provider, has released a series of QR Code Tokens – OTP c603, c610 and c620 (to be published), with the objective of securing users’ identities and bank transactions.

Works with mobile/online banking and M365, Citrix, Google and more.

CyberWatch Security

CyberWatch Security provides pragmatic approaches to many of the complexities of protecting the infrastructure and data of an organization. We are managed cybersecurity as a service company who specialize in thret hunting, cybersecurity center operations mangagement, zero trust network access solution, and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer serivces. The first step in cybersecurity is understanding the problem! Let us help you to do that!



We share a common vision with Nitrokey in the SecurityKey industry; to combat the #1 cause of data breaches PASSWORDS. With this alliance we give your business more flexibility to design and deploy SecurityKey's in your organisation. NitroKey is made in Germany and all products and solutions from them are open source & open hardware. 

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The new Nitrokey 3 is the best Nitrokey we have ever developed. It offers NFC, USB-C and USB-A Mini (optional) for the first time. The Nitrokey 3 combines the features of previous Nitrokey models: FIDO2, one-time passwords, OpenPGP smart card, Curve25519, password manager, Common Criteria EAL 6+ certified secure element, firmware updates.

This reliably protects your accounts against phishing and password theft, and encrypts your communications and data. With strong hardware encryption, trustworthy thanks to open source, quality made in Germany.

Nitrokey 3


Security Keys Are User Friendly

FIDO2 Security Keys allow individuals, businesses, and government agencies and contractors to replace passwords with a secure, fast, scalable, cost-effective login solution.

  • Reduces the need to remember and type passwords
  • Works with everyday devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops
  • One device works across all services (e.g., Microsoft, Apple, Gmail, Facebook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc.)





Best selling Security Key's 2021

Feitian SecurityKey K44

Feitian SecurityKey K44


  • USB-C and Lightning Connector
  • Connect unlimited numbers of  accounts with the same key
  • Great to protect your employees against account takeovers
  • Durable metal casing design

Feitian SecurityKey K9


Feitian SecurityKey K9

  • Both USB and NFC Communication
  • Great to protect your employees against account takeovers
  • Connect unlimited numbers of account with the same key
  • Fits nicely on a key-chain

Feitian C200 OATH/TOTP


Feitian C200 OATH/TOTP

  • When your devices doesn't have USB-ports, Bluetooth or NFC
  • Supports Microsoft Azure MFA
  • Zero client software installation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Fits nicely on a key-chain

The Visma Feitian Zero Administration Bundle!

When more people need to share business devices

How home care services, schools and retailers logging in securely and cost-effectively without providing official mobile phones for everyone?  The Feitian SecurityKey is The Solution!

The smart Visma MFA-package includes: SecurityKey, Token, Mobile Apps and Self-service Administration. Contact one of our certified experts for a free demo and learn how we can help your business!

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Weak, stolen, or reused employee passwords are the #1 cause of breaches. Dashlane is a safe and easy way to manage business passwords.

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Your Ultimate Modern Passwordless Authentication Platform!

The globally-recognized and trusted FIDO Authentication technology can be used by Smartphones or SecurityKey’s.

We are certifed HYPR Partner and with their True Passwordless Authentication Platform you will raise the standard of security in your businesses beyond what you believe was commercially available.

HYPR control center will manage, provision and deploy passwordless policies across your business.

Contact one of our certified HYPR Experts for a free demo and learn how  we can help your business!

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 With HYPR in Place Your Buisness Will Become True Passwordless

HYPR eliminates phishing, fraud, and friction.
HYPR Passwordless MFA makes it easy for businesses to deploy secure, lightning-fast login for everyone, everywhere!

What is the DarkWeb

DarkWeb monitoring

Get alerts if your personal information is at risk. DarkWeb is where cybercriminals buy and sell stolen information and the risk of Cybercrime is greater than ever.  Our DarkWeb monitoring tool has stored all data since 2015 and it's the global leading tool used by law enforcement around the world. Contact one of our experts and we will give you a free live demo and explanation about how a DarkWeb monitoring tool works.

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Top 5 reasons why organizations get hacked

Top 5 reasons why organizations get hacked:

  1. Applications and Systems with known vulnerabilities are not patched.
  2. Organizations do not have the expertise and resources to stop cyber attacks.
  3. General users are not educated in cyber security prevention techniques.
  4. The techniques and tactics for cyber attacks are constantly changing.
  5. Businesses don’t think that it will happen to them.

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Type of Questions that we ask:

  1. What are you trying to protect?
  2. How much risk are you willing to accept?
  3. Are there any laws or regulations that you must comply with?
  4. What is your budget and project timeline?
  5. What are the cybersecurity expectations of your customers?
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