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Passwordless Authentication with Securitykeys

In today's digital world, the need for secure and efficient means of authentication has become more crucial than ever. With the rise in cyber attacks and data breaches, traditional password-based authentication methods have proven to be vulnerable and no longer sufficient to protect sensitive information. As a result, there has been a shift towards passwordless authentication methods, with securitykeys being at the forefront of this trend.

What are Securitykeys?

Before delving into passwordless authentication, it is important to understand what securitykeys are and how they work. Simply put, a securitykey is a physical device that is used for authentication purposes. It can take the form of a USB key or a smart card and contains private keys.

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Ciptor leverages IBM Security Verify, the comprehensive IAM platform that caters to all your needs.

As a certified IBM integrator of IBM Security Verify, we specialize in simplifying global team management, empowering businesses to take swift and confident action. With IBM Verify, you can effortlessly and securely onboard new contractors, employees, or customers. Say goodbye to inefficient and cumbersome methods, as IBM Verify streamlines the entire process. Rest assured that IBM Security Verify handles it all, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

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Introducing IBM Security Verify: The #1 Global IAM Platform for Building Confidence in Compliance.

Effectively managing compliance for your domestic and global workforce is crucial, and IBM Security Verify is here to help. IBM Verify is a comprehensive solution designed with your unique needs in mind, offering a user-focused approach and global compatibility all in one centralized platform.

With IBM Security Verify, you can seamlessly ensure compliance and confidently protect your organization's assets. Experience the power of our leading IAM platform today.

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Feitian C200 OATH/TOTP for Microsoft Entra ID

Feitian C200 hardware token can be implemented to Microsoft Entra ID. Microsoft Entra ID supports the use of Feitian C200 OATH-TOTP SHA-1 tokens that refresh codes every 60 seconds. Customers can purchase these tokens on our webstore. You need to have an active Microsoft Entra ID P1 or P2 license.

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One digital platform

Enjoy the benefits of having everything in a single platform and with one single point of contact

  • Save on your tech stack 
  • Leverages a born-in-the-cloud platform for B2E, B2B and B2C use cases
  • Accelerates business adoption of new cloud applications
  • Secures external-facing applications and services
  • Secures user productivity from any device with SSO
  • Reduce onboarding time
  • Eliminate passwords
  • Eliminate phishing
  • Stop credential-based attacks

Optimizing Digital Identity Risk and Experience with Adaptive Access

In our increasingly digital world, our identities are at the core of how we connect and navigate online. Our ability to prove who we are grants us control and opens doors to people, information, and economies. The key to this power lies in digital trust.

Building a trusted digital identity is no easy feat. It involves a complex web of traditional identification tools such as names, addresses, birthdays, and social security numbers, as well as data points like email addresses, usernames, passwords, search habits, and purchasing behavior. This collection of personal identifiable information (PII) represents the gateway to every online interaction, with context playing a crucial role in understanding identity.

However, with the increasing frequency of online exchanges comes a growing vulnerability. Threat actors continuously seek new ways to exploit PII for identity theft or to compromise valuable data held by businesses. Shockingly, only one in three breaches are discovered by a company's own security teams, resulting in significant financial consequences. In fact, organizations face an additional cost of nearly USD 1 million due to these breaches. In 2023, the price tag for a data breach soared to an all-time high of USD 4.45 million.

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