Investing in good cybersecurity

    is always good for business.

    In today's digital world, the condition to secure critical infrastructure is constantly evolving.

    To succeed, you require a deep understanding of your business infrastructure, knowledge of

    security threats to Identity and Authentication and Awareness of the impact of a security breach.

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Secure Your Organization Before Cybercriminal Strike

Cybersecurity is a crucial component in safeguarding your assets as cybercriminals continue to grow in number and sophistication. Ciptor IT-Safe has been a leader in cybersecurity for more than a decade, caring about the world we live in and the people around us. Secure the identities of your employees and users is a crucial part of our company culture and central to everything we do.


3 in 5 organizations had authentication-related breaches in the last 12 months

2023 HYPR, state of passwordless security

We help small and medium enterprises (SME), large multinational enterprises, critical infrastructure, government, education, financial services, healthcare, defense and energy industry to secure their infrastructure and prevent and minimize the impact of a cyberattackAt Ciptor IT-Safe, we create solutions that provide the right level of protection based on each customer's unique situation, from secure login methodologies to AI-driven threat detection systems (Digital Fingerprinting) and secure data centers.

For a better and more secure future 

Our team continuously stays three steps ahead and is prepared to understand your organization's specific needs. We believe in educating leaders on the essential actions they must take and providing a seamless process from the discovery phase to the implementation of comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, keeping you safeguarded from cyberattacks.

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Ciptor IT-Safe: We are on a mission to secure enterprises from cybercriminals and cyberattacks

With our team and with our Ciptor IT-Safe Cybersecurity IQ Index Genius, in collaboration with carefully selected partners, we help organizations in Canada, USA and EU to optimize their cybersecurity resilience using best-in-class, federal-grade solutions. We are dedicated to offering exceptional service, a diverse product range, and competitive pricing for organizations across Canada, USA and EU.

Our passion is to support your organization, allowing you to focus on what you do best. It's not just your security teams driving the change; it's your employees and customers. Together, we enable your organization to elevate your cybersecurity standards, ensuring safe and confident online operations.

Embracing change takes time, but when we look back on this era, we'll recognize it as the beginning of a safer digital landscape.

Zero Trust & Zero Passwords

As the threat landscape evolves and industries transition to hybrid work, adopting an end-to-end Zero Trust & Zero Passwords security model becomes essential for your entire technology ecosystem.

Is Your Business Under Attack

Don't let them bring you down. We has the expertise to protect you from today's most advanced DDoS assaults. Trust us to keep your business secure so you can focus on what matters most. We help you to stay ahead of cyberattacks.

SIEM, SOAR, UEBA & BCS Security 

By automatically adding threat intelligence, business context and risk information to observations, weak alerts can be transformed into meaningful investigations. With the help of automation tools, analysts can respond more quickly than ever before.

Made in Switzerland

ITSAFE and our exceptional cybersecurity tools and solutions are made with exceptional quality and with increadible innovation from our headquarter in Switzerland. Switzerland has  probably the best ecosystem for fostering innovation around the world.

ITSAFE leverages services from the best firms in the market to provide the most innovative and seamless experience to its clients.

Your data your rules





Only you control your data 

Our own Swiss Cloud, spread over two data center in Switzerland gives you full control over your dat. When you are become a customer to us, there are only two parties that will know of its existence, You and ITSAFE. All your data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws and Swiss neutrality. Just like a Swiss banking safe. Confidentiality, security and reliability are what we are made of.







Controlled and Assurance in Switzerland

 We are using Swiss bank grade encryption security in combination with our state of the art approved ISO 27001 certified data centre.

All user data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance, which offers some of the strongest privacy protection in the world for both individuals and entities.

 Johnny Pihlström, CMO Ciptor ITSAFE together with Jensen Huang, NVIDIA Founder and CEO, from an AI event in Stockholm, Sweden in January 2023.

AI to stop identity attacks

In the era of zero trust, it’s not a matter of if but when you will experience an identity attack.

At Ciptor ITSAFE we are using NVIDIA Morpheus to tackle challenges no one else can solve, identity attacks. According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report  80% of all web application breaches involved stolen credentials. 

For identity attackers "the model of digitial fingerprinting by NVIDIA Morpheus is changing the game against identity attacks," said Mikael Zaman Rodin, Founder and CEO of Ciptor ITSAFE. "With NVIDIA we are moderizing and reimagining the way on how to build phishing resistant authentication," he added. 

Get ahead of hackers

Every security manager knows that use of stolen or compromised credentials still remains at the top of the list as the most common cause of a data breach. The reliance of passwords or traditional MFA methods are increasingly under attack. The risk for a identity attack affects organizations of all sizes around the globe.

Replace passwords and traditional MFA with modern AI technologies will prevent attackers from hijacking accounts and pretending they are legitimate users.

Get ahead from attackers and learn how we at Ciptor ITSAFE are combining passwordless authentication with digital fingerprinting from NVIDIA Morpheus.

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 The director of cybersecurity engineering at ITSAFE, Tobias Gurtner, articulates the challenge simply.

“We need to look for when Gurtner is not acting like Gurtner” he said.

Last year, his team implemented a concept called digital fingerprinting from NVIDIA to ITSAFE's data center in Switzerland. In the wake of cyber attacks, he came up with a simple but ambitious idea for how to combine AI with IAM and passwordless authentication. As a result, instead of facing a tsunami of 100 million network events a week, we may just have 8-10 incidents to investigate daily. That cuts the time to detect certain attack patterns from weeks to minutes. 



Identity Access Management (IAM)

ITSAFE IAM is a private Identity Access Management that uses FIDO2 authentication and zero-access encryption to secure your digital identity. 

Together this will protect your organization against data breaches, account takeover and phishing. Only the right people and job roles in your organization can access the tools they need do their jobs. You need IAM to provide digital security and to increase employee productivity.

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The Future is Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are the major problem in an organization, because:

  • Helpdesk tickets I forgot my password. Every single ticket cost up $70 and it take up most of your help-desk working time
  • 81% of all data breaches involve weak or stolen passwords
  • 70% of all employees reuse same passwords at work because it creates to much trouble and friction to have different passwords for each work applications


At ITSAFE  we have built a secure, frictionless and easy-to-use, passwordless authentication solution that is designed to get maximum amount of users to login with a positive experience.

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Our customer has been able to:

  • Reduce password related helpdesk tickets up to 80%
  • Reduce account takeover up to 99,99%
  • Eliminate phishing 100%
  • Manage cybersecurity incidents before they happen
  • Engage staff with measurable goals and drive competition between teams
  • Empower a cybersecurity leadership to be included decisions about user logon experience

DarkNet Threat Engine

The brutal reality from the digital era has cost many companies a large amout of money, after their data has been stolen and then uploaded to the darknet. 

ITSAFE unifies Tor, darknet markets, pastebin, chans, hacking forums, ransomware blogs, accelerating threat detection and response. With the darknet threat engine investigators and data scientists can easiliy in a "google like" way analyze risks, threats, fraud and compliance.

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 Powered by WebIQ

Security keys

Ciptor ITSAFE Customized Security Keys

Phishing resistant and personalised security keys for the moment that matter most. Eliminates account takeovers and enables compliance requirements for strong authentication around the world. 

What key would be the best for your organizartion by connector:

  • USB-A
  • USB-C
  • Lightning
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • Biometric

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We focus on safety so you can run your business with peace of mind

How do you protect your organizations information and help you workforce to share and access information in a secure way without any frictions? This is one of the most crucial issues for all businesses no matter size, industry, or geolocation. You don't want your workforce to be unproductive because you want to use complicated ways of handling sharing and storage of sensitive information.

We can help you, our solution powered by Synkzone makes it easy for your employees to work securely. Without even noticing it, they will use secure technologies like end-to-end encryption, multi-layered encryption, to store and share information with superior security.

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Secure Synkzone

Today every business prioritize cybersecurity 

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