Ciptor The Technology Platform

Ciptor’s AI-driven Technology Real-time Analyzing Platform significantly reduces fraud, enable identity verification, enable search engines on social media and Darknet that turning Investigations into measurable goals.


Collect and anonymous listen to what’s going on Social Media and Darknet. Our platform supports AI and Big Data applications and we collect all data in Real-Time or even in Advance.


Enable you to research Real Time Trends and identify threats before it happens. Get in control of your long term goals and analyze your past and current issues to make more informed improvement decision for the future.


Track and manage your data with our interactive data analytics. Pinpoint issues and get Real Time Alerts by App, SMS or e-mail

Passwords and shared secrets are the #1 cause of breaches. But despite millions of dollars invested in authentication, your users still log in with passwords each day.Backed by Comcast, Mastercard and Samsung, the HYPR cloud platform is designed

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ZecOps is an innovative cyber security startup that assumes organizations are already compromised since it’s not possible to prevent 100% of the attacks. ZecOps agentless solutions focus on finding and leveraging attackers’ mistakes and enable automated digital forensic investigations.

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  • “Facebook is a very fast paced environment and we needed technologies that would allow us to maintain that pace. Because of the ease of use of Duo Security and Yubico authentication technologies, we have seen minimal support and overhead costs. Other technologies, such as traditional OTP-based hardware tokens, smart cards, and biometrics didn’t fully support our need to allow multiple and rapid logins to SSH sessions.”

  • With EgoSecure the management of open ports and devices has become a child’s play. It’s never been easier to release new devices in a closed environment. Operation is intuitive and support is always helpful – no matter how difficult the problem is. We have been using EgoSecure for 4 years and have never been disappointed. We are looking forward to the ongoing development of the software

  • We already had experience with other manufacturers in the field of endpoint security, but our diverse system landscape always caused problems. Only EgoSecure could be meet the demands, because the solution is highly compatible. In the programming and implementation stages, we received very competent advice from the TAP Desktop Solutions.

  • The solution of Awingo is very economical.You do not need to buy any special equipment.Our people can now instantly check on the premises or a vehicle, for example violates or signaled. Previously, they had to sit for it behind their PC

  • AviaPartner depends on a lot on seasonal workers.In peak period, our staffing can easily double. Awingu’s concurrent-user based licensing model neatly covers this.

  • “We believe that by using this token we’ve raised the standard of security for our employees beyond what was commercially available. The token works with Google’s Web browser Chrome, and works very seamlessly for people in their day-to-day workflow here at Google.”

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