About us

 Ciptor was founded on a vision of a more sustainable future.

The company's founders saw the potential for technology to revolutionize industrial processes, making it possible to reduce waste and increase efficiency across all industries. They created Ciptor with the intention of leading the charge in this transformation, utilizing their expertise in Cybersecurity, AI, Machine Lesrning and automation to make this vision a reality.

With 14 years of industry experience behind them, Ciptor quickly established itself as an innovator in its field - pioneering technologies such as automated cyber threats detection systems and predictive maintenance solutions that changed how businesses operated. At every step of the way they remained true to their mission: using technology to create a better world for everyone.

Today Ciptor is known for its commitment to sustainability and resource-efficiency innovation. Their solutions connect engineering know-how with software applications that allow companies around the world optimize their manufacturing processes while reducing energy use and environmental impact - helping lift communities out of poverty by creating jobs and economic opportunities at home whilst simultaneously improving our global environment for generations ahead.

And though much has been accomplished since its inception, there is still much work left to be done – which is why Ciptors employees are so committed not only continuing pushing boundaries but also inspiring others join them on this journey towards creating an even brighter tomorrow!

How we help our clients to innovate

At the heart of our company was a mission to help our clients innovate and bring their businesses into the digital age. We knew that the transition would be challenging, but we also understood that if they didn't make the shift, their companies would suffer in an increasingly competitive landscape.

We began with small steps: helping them understand how technology could benefit their operations, introducing new tools and approaches to streamline processes, and guiding them through security protocols to protect customer data. Every innovation was met with trepidation at first, but eventually excitement as teams saw tangible improvements within days or weeks of implementation.

One client in particular responded particularly well - what had been a cumbersome manual process for tracking orders became automated overnight! All of a sudden data was more accurate and employees no longer spent hours manually entering information; they were freed up to pursue other tasks instead. That one change alone had an immense impact on morale, efficiency and ROI for this business.

Our team felt like we were making real progress with these wonderful projects until disaster struck: hackers broke into some systems causing stolen identities that threatened hundreds of customers' financial records leading to disastrous outcomes without proper protection from cyber-attacks. Our team swung into action immediately developing solutions such as two factor authentication methods for account entry points so users could access secure networks even when travelling abroad plus encryption technologies so personal details couldn’t get out even if attackers attempted it!

Seeing how much of an effect our work had on people's lives really drove home just how important it is for businesses big or small alike to take measures against cyber-crime threats seriously while innovating along side us for better results! It's made us determined than ever before to help those who require assistance in transitioning their businesses into this new era –– safely & securely–– whilst still reaping all the benefits associated with becoming digitalized.

Making our clients stand out

When Ciptor first started, their mission was to make sure their clients had the best security and access management technology possible. They were determined to create a system that would stand out from the competition and keep their customers safe.

They achieved this goal by combining experience identity, AI, Machine Learning, Automation and Dark-Web technology development, strategy in all stages of the business lifecycle with unique services that outcompete others in security, quality, speed and value. The Ciptor Way model leveraged its global intelligence to tackle challenges of today's digital age.

The company soon became renowned for its advanced Passwordless Identity Access Management (IAM) platform leveraging NVIDIA, IBM and FIDO2 Technology with AI capabilities for both Workforce and Consumers—a groundbreaking concept at the time! This platform allowed businesses to securely connect identities with resources while offering enhanced security features like flexible passwordless MFA methods as well as user ID lifecycle management and self-care options such as application management & notifications services.

Today these are just some of many ways Ciptor makes sure its clients stand out—by providing them with cutting edge solutions that ensure greater safety while still maintaining efficiency in even the most complex situations!

The Ciptor Way - A Comprehensive Journey

Ciptor partners with marketing and technology leaders to drive business growth through security, development and optimization of the customer experience.



Step 1 - Research

Every initiative has its start trhough research. Our work will include knowledge gathering and the digital behaviour for each user group. 

Step 2 - Idea

We will prepare a strategy based on the analysis and the identified goals on a holistic point of view.

Step 3 - Process

The conceptual solution will provide the foundation of the integrated solution. In our process it includes several tests.

Step 4 - Goal

Our strategy team understands how to drive organizational consensus, and envolve behaviours and processes to reach your goals.

Authentication Strategy

Aligning business strategies with the omni-channel user authentication experience, technologies, processes and services that accelerate better outcomes.

  • Authentication Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • User Experience Testing
  • Technology Assessment
  • User Experience Journey
  • Deployment

User Experience Design

Architecture and design of every digital touchpoint of the user authentication journey.

  • Authentication design
  • User Experience
  • Research & Testing
  • Competive Analysis
  • CISO Authentication Direction and Maintenance 

Technology Enablement

Development and implementation of intelligent authentication user  experience technologies.

  • Authentication Technology Platform
  • Infrastructure and Cloud Implementations
  • Authentication Technologies
  • Application Access Management
  • Cybersecurity Science an Analytics
  • Research and Development

User Experience Optimization

Agile, authentication-driven technology optimizing authentication and transaction services that secure the user across their login journey.

  • Application Development
  • Managed Services
  • Authentication Services
  • Technology Enablement
  • Cybersecurity and Analytics Services
  • Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Help Desk

What we do

We design and build unique user experiences and run continuous improvement efforts. Authentication transformation is our DNA across the digital omni-channel. We break down the authentication transformation services into separate parts and our team of highly skilled people who are certified by our partners consistently manages projects that span across the globe.

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