Since 2010, Ciptor has consistently focused on cyber security transformation by continually revolutionizing how our clients secure their assets. Secure access to e-mail, web services, mobile applications, computers, mobile phones, intranet, securing passwords, encryption of data, encryption of voice communication, monitoring and audit all data and devices, malware protection and education of customers and employees. We are engineers, programmers, UX designers, marketers and innovators spanning 3 continents with offices throughout 9 different countries (Bangladesh, Belgium, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa and Sweden).

While our expertise is in technology, marketing and experience design, our passion is in addressing transformational business challenges for our clients. With a strong belief that securing your business, it means your business, employees and customer data. Correct implemented it will give your business the right, fully cyber secure and connected solution.

Our vision and goals have been to create the next-generation cyber security infrastructure. Our teams create cyber security, fully compliance with the latest cyber security laws around the world such as GDPR and PoPI.

Ciptor gives your business the infrastructure that allows your employees and customers to access their data in a easy and secure way and we keep their accounts safe.

Ciptor’s strong international presence and reputable client portfolio, along with its long-term market vision make our company one of the most unique worldwide players. We continue to push the boundaries and engineer cyber security knowledge to be able to help your business to reach their cyber security goals.

We work with you to create your foundation to become cyber security compliance with disclosure requirements and regulation. Ciptor will be a partner for you and we will help your business with further development, training and support services.