ePass FIDO2 USB-A + NFC - K9

Engineered to keep you safe and with exceptional security to protect your employees against account takeovers.

Why an ePass K9 SecurityKey for your Business

Engineered to be the best professional Authentication solution to enhance; Passwordless, strong two-factor and multi-factor authentication to secure your business.

ePass K9 - 2FA

The Feitian ePass K9 SecurityKey is the best hardware authenticator as a second factor, in addition to a password. It gives you a SecurityKey with USB-A connector in a strong two factor authentication solution. 

If you would like to have the K9 configured with PIV or OTP please contact us. 


The ePass K9 SecurityKey is a hardware authenticator works out of the box with all FIDO2, UAF and U2F supported services. The K9 are future-proof and compatible with all smartphones, tablets, web browsers and computers.

Providing your staff with a certified and trusted SecurityKey that works seamlessly with your IT-infrastructure is key to stop account takeovers, phishing and to having fewer security issues.

Feitian SecurityKey’s are tested devices with a long list of platforms such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, FIDO Alliance, Mastercard, VISA etc. with a wide range of SecurityKey’s and with an easy plug and play experience.

Key Features

  • The SecurityKey is designed to protect your online account against account takeovers and phishing using the world’s most protective security standards from FIDO Alliance; FIDO2 and U2F.
  • The Feitian SecurityKey is certified and tested by Microsoft, Apple, Google
  • Certified and Works with the No1 Password Manager Dashlane
  • Fits USB-A ports
  • Extremely durable and secure, the SecurityKey is tamper resistant, water resistant and crush resistant.

If you would like to have the K9 configured with PIV or OTP please contact us. 


Article number:10009

249 kr

Excluding VAT
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