10 years ago 16% of the world population used the Internet. In 2017 more than 50% of the world population will transfer their personal data via Internet. The protection of personal data will become a fundamental right for all citizens on the globe. Today citizens do not always fell in full control of their personal data.

Ciptor help your organisation to build and manage the functions and activities of information security and risk across your organisation, enabling the achievement of your organisations business objectives. Ciptor has certified CISSP, CISM, PMP, ISO, HIPAA, DHS, ITSSR, SIEM consultants with deep understanding and experience about todays cybersecurity landscape. Ciptor help your organisation to establish and maintain your cybersecurity standards

Only a strong and clear cyber security strategy will release the potential of a secure internet and will make it possible to foster economic business growth, innovation and job creation.


Ciptors ambition is to help your organisation, employees and customers an increased level of control over their and yours data information. We will give you all the tools and education that is needed to provide a cyber security champion to make sure all needed changes will be made. We will also help you to improve your overall cyber security through Ciptor business cyber security program for your employees.

New Cyber Security laws are entering the markets in Europe, Asia and Africa. Are your organisations ready to meet the increased needs of Cyber Security requirements? Prepare your company to be compliant with GPDR, POPI Act and other cyber laws around the globe. Ciptor help organisations to comply with the regulatory requirements that come out of the new cyber laws. Ciptor gives you hands-on training and certification programs, to both public and private sectors. To give you the program that suits your organisation, get in touch with us and we will together with you identify your educationals needs.

Data protection by design

Ciptor will help your business to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures and procedure to ensure that data processing safeguards by design the rights of the data subject. We will make sure that the data your business store no matter if it’s in the cloud or on a internal server we will make sure it stay safe and your business will avoid the risk to be exposed for a significant damage and media reporting. Media reporting could end your business overnight