Ciptor Data Loss Prevention

Mitigate data breach and compliance risks with our industry leading data loss prevention solution Secure Tower.

Monitoring of employees

Department managers and top managers can get a full picture of employees’ working days and adjust the distribution of tasks, terms, build effective project teams.

Within a week of operation a major client detected a large scale security incidents where employees where sharing sensitive information related to product designs, with non-authorized people. With the new Ciptor DLP Secure Tower system the organization where able to detect  this critical data loss, before it happened.

Today’s era with changing Data Data Privacy Laws and that is focusing on digital interconnectivity we help you to implement a strong digital intelligence DLP system for today’s compliance with the Data Data Privacy Laws and to eliminate data leakage and theft while delivering a delightful employee user experience.

Ciptor DLP Secure Tower gives you complete visibility and control over your information and prevents insider from exfiltrating sensitive data.

All data collected by Ciptor DLP SecureTower can be presented in completely settable reports with security incidents and daily activities of the staff. Automatically scheduled reporting for top management and security department employees can also be set up.

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