FEITIAN Fingerprint Biometric Security Keys Support


Newest Microsoft Hybrid Azure Active Directory Passwordless Authentication Capabilities

FEITIAN Technologies, a world security technology leader providing fingerprint biometric FIDO2 passwordless authentication, advanced combined function all-in-one smartcards, and payment related systems, is now able to provide fingerprint biometric Passwordless solutions for Hybrid Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to eliminate passwords.

Constructed during FEITIAN’s collaboration with Microsoft, multiple FIDO2 fingerprint biometric passwordless security keys are now available for enterprise, government, healthcare, educational, and individual user applications. The FEITIAN BioPass and AllInPass FIDO2 Security Keys allow users to carry their credentials with them and safely sign into Hybrid Azure AD (and other Microsoft service) without a username and password. Users have the option to plug their Fingerprint Biometric Security Key into their computer with the USB-A or USB-C ports, with NFC on their mobile device (or NFC Reader), and even with BLE to gain account or SSO access when they verify the previously enrolled fingerprint.

About the FEITIAN Biometric Security Keys
The three secure and FIDO2 certified FEITIAN fingerprint biometric security key form factors provide multiple connection options. The BioPass K26 uses USB-C, the BioPass K27 uses USB-A, and the newly released K33 AllinPass uses BLE, NFC, or a cabled USB-C connection. The FEITIAN fingerprint biometric Security Keys can also deliver PIV, OTP, and GIDS with options for multiple interfaces, price points, and fingerprint biometrics as needed. The FEITIAN biometric Security Keys are unique because they also allow for added security options of Three Factor Authentication (3FA) with the key (possessed factor), Fingerprint Biometric (inherent factor), and PIN (known factor). FEITIAN also provides Passwordless solutions on non-biometric Security Keys and the Fingerprint Biometric Smart Card format.

About Microsoft Passwordless Authentication
Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Microsoft Account services function as a WebAuthn Relying Party. Microsoft Edge is a WebAuthn Client. Windows 10 is in the role of the platform hosting the Win32 Platform. Windows 10 supports the FIDO2 protocol at a platform level for both Windows Sign In and WebAuthn. The FEITIAN K33 AllinPass is the roaming authenticator which has USB, BLE, and NFC interfaces. With FEITIAN’s Match on Card fingerprint sensors so no biometric data base needed, FEITIAN’s security keys and cards are offering a more convenient and ultimately a more secure Passwordless experience.


Feitian K33 AllinPass

“As Microsoft continues to improve their advanced applications to allow for Passwordless authentications using FIDO2 security key in Hybrid environments and SSO to on-prem as well as cloud resources for Hybrid Microsoft Azure Active Directory, FEITIAN continues to add to their FIDO U2F products by providing innovative, secure, and value-priced solutions for Microsoft and all FIDO2 Passwordless applications,” said FEITIAN Technologies Vice President and General Manager of International Business Tibi Zhang. “We are proud to be working in conjunction with Microsoft. We have worked closely with the FIDO Alliance by strictly adhering to their industry-established technology standards for strong, phishing-resistant authentication on the web that promises better security and a better user experience with our broader choice of Authenticators for Enterprise, Finance, Education, and Government users.”

Sue Bohn, Partner Director of Program Management, Microsoft Identity Division, Microsoft Corp. said, “Passwords alone are no longer an effective security mechanism. It’s clear we need to provide our customers with authentication options that are secure and easy to use. This is where companies like FEITIAN come in. By integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Account (Outlook, Hotmail), and Windows 10, FEITIAN is important member of our passwordless journey.”

Michael Gwynn, Director of Strategic Projects at FEITIAN US said, “We are enthusiastic about being able to provide our advanced Passwordless Authentication Technologies for even more Microsoft clients as we now can help improve security, reduce hacking, and provide Passwordless access for Hybrid Azure Active Directory users.”

FEITIAN continues to work with Microsoft to ensure biometric keys work with then newest advancements for Windows and Azure Active Directory. The FEITIAN security keys offers many advantages over passwords including lower IT management costs, better productivity, improved security, and unprecedented privacy for both employees and employers at enterprise businesses, educational campuses, healthcare facilities, and government applications.

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