Protecting Your Business: Top 10 Essential Cyber Security Solutions


Discover the top 10 Cyber Security Solutions for your business - safeguard your data, operations, and employees from cyber threats. Trust the expertise of Ciptor's cybersecurity professionals.

In our increasingly digital world, cyber-attacks on businesses are on the rise. However, there are ways to safeguard your company. Security experts Mikael Zaman Rodin and Tobias Gurtner from Ciptor emphasize the importance of a systematic and active approach to cyber security.

"Cyber security encompasses a wide range of factors, including technology, behavior, and knowledge. All of these aspects must be addressed, and companies must have safety measures in place. Mistakes can easily be made by users," explains Gurtner.

To help you protect your business, here are the experts' top tips for implementing vital IT security solutions.

1. Security Governance with IBM Security™ Verify Governance

Revolutionize risk modeling with a fresh perspective. Effortlessly track and analyze user access and activity with our cutting-edge solution. Say goodbye to outdated separation-of-duties policies and embrace a more effective approach. Introducing IBM Security™ Verify Governance: the innovative system that aligns with your business activities and simplifies compliance management. By associating specific tasks to purchase orders, we provide a seamless experience that speaks the language of auditors and compliance managers. Say hello to a more efficient and accurate way of managing risk.

Why IBM Security™ Verify Governance

  • Enhance User Satisfaction and Efficiency with Streamlined Provisioning and Self-Service Requests.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Data Security with Automated Audits and GDPR Controls.
  • Mitigate Business Risks and Identify Violations with Effective Access Controls.
  • Gain Insight into Risky Users and Insider Threats with Identity Analytics.
  • Lower Operational Costs with Automated Processes and Streamlined Identity Lifecycle Management.

2. IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM

Boost your security defenses against evolving threats
Cybersecurity attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated and relentless, requiring tremendous effort from security analysts to navigate through numerous incidents.

With IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM, we harness the power of machine learning and user behavior analytics to analyze network traffic and traditional logs. This enables our analysts to receive precise, contextualized, and prioritized alerts, making threat detection smarter. Our solution empowers you to respond swiftly to threats while safeguarding your bottom line.

Why IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM,

  • Boost Efficiency, Reduce Risk, and Save Time!
  • Find out how analysts saved an impressive 14,000+ hours over 3 years by eliminating false positives. Read the Forrester TEI study.
  • Experience a mind-blowing 90% reduction in incident investigation time.
  • Safeguard your organization with a remarkable 60% reduction in the risk of a major security breach

3. AI Digital Fingerprinting from NVIDIA®

Supercharge your cybersecurity with NVIDIA's digital fingerprinting AI workflow. As connected users and devices multiply, enterprises are drowning in data that they can't keep up with. But with our innovative technology, you can quickly identify and act on threats. By utilizing unsupervised learning and our Digital Fingerprinting solution, every user, service, account, and machine on your network will have a unique mark. Plus, our intelligent alert system provides valuable information for taking immediate action. Don't let data overwhelm your security – choose NVIDIA's powerful solution today.

Why AI Digital Fingerprinting from NVIDIA®

  • Efficiently reduce massive amounts of data
    Transform up to 100 million weekly events into 8-10 actionable events daily.
  • Rapidly uncover cybersecurity threats
    Cut detection time from weeks to minutes.
  • Enhanced performance with NVIDIA GPU acceleration
    Achieve complete data visibility across your entire enterprise with NVIDIA GPU acceleration.

4. Passwordless Authentication

Cyberattacks are increasing, particularly credential attacks. With stolen passwords easily accessible and automated attack tools, it's no surprise. 34% of respondents reported credential stuffing attacks, a significant increase from last year. Phishing attacks are also at a record high, with 89% of respondents experiencing at least one. Remote Desk Protocol attacks and push attacks are continuing to impact businesses. Overall, remote workers are frequently targeted, with a rise in push attacks and ongoing pressure from RDP and MitM attacks. The time has come to address the serious threat of weak passwords. In the past year, cyberattacks have been fueled by inadequate password protection, leading to significant damage. Just consider the Colonial Pipeline breach, which was caused by a compromised password and resulted in the shutdown of fuel supply operations.

Why Passwordless Authetication

  • Reduce Account-Takeover Fraud by 98.4% with our Solution
  • Say goodbye to Phishing Attacks
  • Enhance Desktop Security by eliminating password login
  • Improve User Experience and reduce frustration
  • Cut password reset tickets by 95% and save $7070 per request.
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