Time to Get in Control of Your Passwords and Elevate the Employee Login User Experience


With the right technology in place, you will be able to eliminate passwords and enhance employee productivity. Authentication is the cornerstone of secure digital transformation for platform businesses. Today AI is used both to secure and bypass authentication system. Trustworthy authentication is the key to becoming a future-ready company and will be one of the most important brand differentiators.

Passwords and Shared Secrets are the #1 Cause of Breaches.

Despite millions of dollars invested in authentication, users still log in with passwords each day. The reliance on and use of passwords disrupt the employee experience. CEO’s should not accept Passwords in the new reality where this is the highest risk today for your business.

$ 1.7B in Account Takeover (ATO) fraud costs have doubled since 2015. Despite millions of dollars invested in multi-factor authentication, most companies still rely on passwords – the hacker’s favorite target.

Does your organization have a plan for how to become Passwordless?

Zero Time to Lose

Companies that aren’t seeking new approaches and innovation, will not adept and capturing new ideas and putting them into practice, is going to get left behind, because there will be competitors and hackers that are waiting to take over your customers and employee’s workstations.

How are your CEO planning to eliminate Passwords for your organization?

How You Choose to Authenticate Matters

Today, ATO attacks are so common that over 90% of all login attempts are malicious and 56% of consumer banking is malicious login attempts. Passwords are not security – they are a vulnerability. To become a leading company in the future your business needs to move beyond password-based authentication. Passwords is not a recommendation by Gartner, McKinsey, Deloitte, Forrester or any other leading consultancy firm. Passwords and traditional MFA will not enhance the user experience, decrease costs associated with passwords, support digital transformation or to eliminate hacking attacks.

How will your business authenticate Consumers and Employees in the future?

The Best Way to Address Your Cybersecurity Issues is with Passwordless Authentication

Make sure to invest in a platform providing your organization with a passwordless authentication mechanism that leverages on your existing infrastructure with regard to Active Directory and your Identity Provider.

Make sure your choice of Passwordless Authentication Platform is designed to eliminate passwords and shared secrets across the enterprise.

Make sure to have a holistic approach to eliminate the use of passwords and shared secrets across the entire workforce. This will stop the rising costs and help desk volume caused by the complexity around passwords.

The most important leadership factor for modern CISO’s, CIO’s, Security, IAM and IT leaders is to deploy only FIDO-Certified authentication and ensure that user credentials are securely decentralized on your Employees or Customers mobile devices or SecurityKey’s. This will result in a level of efficiency, cost savings, and ease of use that was previously unachievable.

Passwordless authentication is indeed the next step, find out why leading enterprises deploy passwordless authentication and how we can help your business to become Passwordless.

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