Today marks a milestone - Ciptor & IT-SAFE Expands to Canada

Ciptor & ITSAFE is officially joining the ranks of countless major tech companies that are expanding its footprint into Canada.

Ciptor & IT-SAFE Expands to Canada, PEng, PMP Mukul Hossain named CEO.

Ciptor & IT-SAFE a True Passwordless Authentication Company announced it is expanding to Canada. We are joining the ranks of countless major tech companies that are expanding its footprint into Canada. The company named Mukul Hossain, an executive with experience in both traditional Authentication as well as Passwordless Authentication, as CEO. 

Team Canada consist of Mukul Hossain, Mike Allen, Bikash Mandal, Robert Bachynsky, Farid Mahid, Rifayet Alam and Mohammad Sharif, Esrat Zaman, Tord Fransson, Leslie Gurtner and Shamrat Asfaq. Based on several years of strong growth, we decided the time was right to invest in a formal, and actual presence says Tobias Gurtner President of Research & Insight and Mikael Zaman Rodin President of Sales & Marketing. Mukul is well-respected and toghether with the team we are here to serve and help Canadian organisations to become Passwordless.

As a global True Passwordless Authentication company, Ciptor & ITSAFE has thousands of clients across the world, including government, banks, insurance, education, logistics, retail, law-enforcement. Mukul and Team Canada is now tasked and dedicated to expanding the client base with Passwordless Authentication and to provide fast and reliable customer support, provide IT teams with powerful capabilities to manage the delivery of hardware SecurityKeys to users in Canada and accelerates the adoption of strong authentication via Passwordless Authentication.

For more information on Ciptor & IT-SAFE Passwordless Authenticaton solutions, visit and IT-SAFE


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