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Understand the Darknet using DarkCloud

Our DarkCloud partners WebIQ and MarketScape are continuously monitoring Darknet sources, Telegram Channels and crime related message boards. By collecting and structure the data into actionable intelligence, these datasets today used by Law Enforcement, Banks, Intelligence, Corporates and Governments agencies, to find out about what's going on on the DarkCloud.

DarkCloud is a product provided to Law Enforcement, Banks and Government agencies to help them in uncovering issues that are hidden as part of the DarkNet Markets and related messaging boards.

We build dashboards including numerous datasets like Tor Hidden Services, Darknet Markets, Text & Messaging boards. With our alerting system, you will be notified if a specific person, phone number, credit card, bitcoin address, city, organization or event is mentioned on the Darknet. We enable you to search and drill down into these millions of normally unorganized and hard to get pages with a “Google like” interface that will show enriched information like geographic locations, bitcoin addresses, user IDs, time and date stamps.

Monitor, Collect and Structure Information
The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds that discuss subjects and opportunities that threaten your organization, country or city. We continuously monitor, collect and structure data from Tor Hidden Services , popular Darknet markets, Telegram and message boards into actionable intelligence and make these indexed datasets available to Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and Corporations.

Support from experts
Use the Darknet knowledge of our experts to get a running start on your cases. We will gladly help out to explore the Darknet in your investigations. If your interest is research, we can help by guiding your analyses of Darknet data to make sure you get the most out of our vast dataset.

Full control
All the DarkCloud datasets are accessible via our secure browser-based User Interface that offers a full featured Darknet search engine, including advanced query features, categorization, filtering and drill downs, dashboards and visual navigation. Use our secure API to integrate Darknet and Darknet Market search results into your own applications and services.

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