EgoSecure is a  is a leading manufacturer of the All-in-one solution for your data security. The real benefit about EgoSecure and what sets them apart from the rest is that they automate the investigation and remediation for you. All EgoSecure’s functionality is integrated into one simple to use package. No more hassle to combine different solutions and to spend a lot of internal time of education of your employees. Just implement EgoSecure and all your data will be encrypted and safe.

To deliver high-quality data protection in less time, Ciptor professionals use EgoSecure to avoid unauthorised data leakage.

EgoSecure Beautiful Security

Why we preferred EgoSecure as one of the best Data Protection tool

If data is lost due to theft, negligence or accident, great damage can be done. It can ruin businesses and reputations. The most vulnerable points of attack are our devices, e.g. computers, smartphones, laptops, etc., which are operated by people – and people are fallible.

Anti-virus protection and a firewall are not enough to protect data. Data is the life-blood of every organisation and for more than 10 years, EgoSecure have been innovating and leading the way in the field of data protection. To date, more than 2,100 customers from every industry and of all sizes, are benefiting from EgoSecure Data Protection.


EgoSecure do more than just blindly protecting your data. Firstly, their unique solution determines the data protection situation of your network. It then gives you accurate information, specific to your network, with guidance on how to protect yourself via their 20+ protection modules. This process can even be automated. We call this a simply beautiful solution; making complicated things simple is what makes us so very attractive to our customers.

This is also confirmed by our customers


Our EgoSecure Portfolio of Services

In the portfolio of services for EgoSecure, we offer strategic advice, feasibility studies and requirements, integration design, deployment, management, operations and training. Ciptor has professionals working with EgoSecure in various roles.

Our EgoSecure offering includes:

  • Product Configuration
  • Third-party integration
  • Deployment & migration services
  • Quality-assurance testing
  • Admin training
  • User training
  • Support & maintenance

EgoSecure endpoints

EgoSecure Featured services

Our clients use EgoSecure for strong Data Protection. After analyzing the data flow and identifying the weak links with Insight & IntellAct, the protective measures can be configured individually with 20 protection functions. These protection functions are based on the C.A.F.E. MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLE.

All functions are integrated into one solution, access only one database and are controlled via a central management console. There is only one installation, after which the modules can be activated in accordance with the protection requirements. A subsequent adjustment of the protection needs requires no new installation.

EgoSecure is easy and fast to install without extensive work and costly consulting support. EgoSecure Data Protection consists predominantly of proprietary developments and therefore has a uniform installation, administration and operating concept.

All protection functions focus on making the use of EgoSecure Data Protection as easy as possible and yet safe. This is what we call “simply beautiful IT security”.

EgoSecure Modules

In order to meet these demands, we are providing our clients with the EgoSecure comprehensive service model including:

  • EgoSecure Best Practices
  • Architectural Guidance & Assistance
  • Code Integration Analysis
  • Implementation Management
  • Deployment Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Solution review
  • Configuration and Setup
  • Performance Analysis

EgoSecure Implementation Achievements

Ciptor team of professionals have successfully created Data Protection using the EgoSecure solution, we have incorporated various EgoSecure custom functionality.