Employee Authentication

Turn your SecurityKey and Smart Phone into a Smart Card. Imaging a workplace where the only thing employees needs to focus on is their work.

Employees should feel safe using their workstations and smart phones. Most traditional Authentication methods are insecure. SMS, one time passwords, and even mobile push authenticators are susceptible to account takeover attacks. Password lockouts generate service desk calls and lost user productivity. The adoption of Ciptor Authentication Express is the rare cybersecurity investment that returns immediate and measurable bottom line benefit for your organization.

Ciptor has solved this problem by leveraging on the latest technologies including FIDO2 to help organizations who wants their employees to get a passwordless experience. Organizations will be able to Manage, Provision and Deploy FIDO Policies with the world’s leading FIDO Control Center.

Our latest Ciptor Authentication Express accelerates your deployment of FIDO authentication by pre-integrating with all major IAM, IdP and KYC systems.

Let us show you how to keep your employees safe without sacrificing the employee experience.