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The solution behind The Security Key Zero Administration


It all started in Sweden, when home-care personnel wanted to use a mobile phone to access  sensitive and totally confidential information about their clients. They were looking for a more efficient way to manage all the information. Until that day everything was done on paper and stored in files. Managing an extensive inventory of information in files took a lot of time, and lost paper was a major risk.

Home-care personnel wanted to become Digitalized!

We started working together with:

  • Homecare/health-care services in several municipalities
  • Homecare/health-care specialized providers
  • Identity Access Management providers

We developed a cloud-based service platform, includingthe needs of the future in healthcare and home-care sector. An integrated system for optimal schedule planning and intervention registration that provides optimal support in the work of the healthcare staff. In order to be able to access this platform the users where forced to swipe a SecurityKey with NFC on the mobile phone in combination with a PIN-Code to authenticate themselves in a way that met the requirements for accessing sensitive information.

We found out that one of the most critical issues was managing the SecurityKey’s which is why we developed the SecurityKey Lifecycle Management Platform.

The SecurityKey Lifecycle Management Platform

The idea of the SecurityKey Lifecycle Management Platformis to make it useful for the municipalities and coordinate it with other system in order to minimize risk and reduce operational cost. The key-features of the SecurityKey Lifecycle Management Platform we developed are:

  • Prepare a SecurityKey
  • Issue a SecurityKey
  • Identify an Employee
  • Register a SecurityKey to a user
  • How to handle a lost or stolen SecurityKey
  • Revoke a PIN-Code for a SecurityKey or a user
  • Revoke a SecurityKey from an Employee
  • Revoke a SecurityKey from a Customer

Nowadays the healthcare and homecareusers’ login on their mobile phone without the need for the IT-department to be involved. The municipalities follow the real-time activities during the day in order to understand what they could do to improve the user experience. It’s crucial for them to take action if something happens during the day, for example a user loses his SecurityKey or mobile phone. Now the admin can immediately act and fix the issue right away.

Ensuring a consistent user-login-experience

The SecurityKey Lifecycle Management Platform allow stakeholders and employees to easily log on to a mobile phone and add or check information. Implementing the SecurityKey Lifecycle Management Platform can be done quickly, and it doesn’t require complex setups.

Municipalities in Sweden have today hundreds of thousands deployed for the healthcare and home-care employees. By combining different technologies, they can keep their service top-notch and they can manage secure access for each employee in an easy way. With this new mobile first approach, Swedish municipalities have made life easier for everyone, and it’s proven to save your organization a lot of time and money.

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