How You Can Create a Strong Corporate Cybersecurity Vision

How You As a Leader can Create a Strong Corporate Cybersecurity Vision

It’s important to have a strong vision and a comprehensive plan. To reach the right level of cybersecurity, leadership  is crucial to be able to bring the idea that this is the way to move forward. It is so important to make everyone in your organisation to understand how to move the organisation’s cybersecurity vision forward. — Mikael Zaman Rodin


Business and academic literature frequently focuses on large companies and well-known brands. However, most businesses are actually small- and medium-sized enterprises, that do not have the budgets available like global giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon or Microsoft. There is a need for owners and managers no matter if you run a small or medium business to build strong cybersecurity that compete with today’s cybercrime. If they would have a clear vision that would lead them and everyone in the company in the right direction. With clear guidelines Business owners and managers would be able to develop a competitive cybersecurity strategy and keep their data secure. If correctly implemented your organization’s technology, awareness and understanding will increase your market position and secure your business for long terms. This approach requires commitment, consistent, continuous awareness program from business owners and managers. This is applicable to every business worldwide.

Building a strong Cybersecurity position

In a world where consumers and employees login to all their data, mostly secured only with username and password. Sometimes your biggest risks exist within the company itself. It might be in a shared spreadsheet of passwords that gets into the wrong hands, or a password on a sticky note sitting on a computer screen. You may think your own team isn’t going to be the source of the problem, but Forrester’s research found that one in four (24%) of breaches in the last year were caused by insider attacks. Your employees and consumers rely on you as a business to have the right cybersecurity in place. In today’s competition where consumers no longer demand simply the product, also reliability and trust. The winners of the future will be those corporations that will implement strong cybersecurity.

A shared vision – (Your North Star)

A shared vision and the courage to believe in your cybersecurity strategy will unite the organisation to reach your goals. Every invention, project and transformation starts with an idea and a vision of what is possible. If you and your organisation can see it, you will also be able to create it, and you will get the power to find the way forward. In the company of the future there will only be space for believers.


Leadership is all about seeing and creating a better and brighter future. It’s about, innovation, creating, building, improving, and transforming education for your business. As a leader you need to create a mission. To start with you need to take away all bad habits that will stop you to implement your cybersecurity strategy. As a leader you must continually point to your vision (the North Star), and remind everyone that this is where we are going.

Sharing your vision is important because everyone needs one. Everyone needs something to believe in. As a leader you need to make everyone to understand where we are going, only the fear will hold your business back.

External and internal validity

You need to create a bond between the internal culture and your external market position, and that will consolidate your market position. Keep your eyes on your vision, and the big picture. How do you perceive the cybersecurity in your business, how does your consumers perceive you and how do you want to be perceived by your employees and consumers. The more integrated those perspectives are, the stronger and more consistent you cybersecurity vision will be.


To implement your cybersecurity vision and the right tools in the company. Ciptor can provide you with a number of models, case studies and a timeframe to explain how you will set the process in motion. You will not be able to build Strong Cybersecurity without having Strong Cybersecurity Tools.

Mikael Zaman Rodin is a best-in-class-cyber-security-expert and keynote speaker who have inspired leaders and audiences around the world.

May 30, 2018

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