How you can secure and protect your inside business!

Today when you are inside the corporate network, you can use mass storage devices, such as USB memory stick, mobile phones, tablets, portable hard drives etc. to steal data from the organisation or bring unwanted data into the company example Ransomware.

How can your business approach this latent threat situation with a security form the inside to the outside view?

Organisations invest a lot in technology to ensure that their network is protected from the outside to the inside. But protection from the inside to the outside is for many organisations a new challenge. Device management is a current topic these days, but there is not easy to find a useable solution.

One important issue is the “look and feel interface” of the user interface and how you are able to change it to match your usage. Ciptor work with EgoSecure the German world-wide leading company of Inside-Data-Security. With EgoSecure can you easily customize the interface to make it optimally adapted to your business requirement to get an efficient device management. See an example on the picture here below.


No need for investment in new hardware

EgoSecure Data Protection does not need its own server hardware. In smaller networks this is a big advantage because you save an additional hardware investment. Your business can for example run EgoSecure on a virtual server within a VMware ESX host solution.

Today price and the ease of installation are some of the most important quality ratios for decision makers. EgoSecure will make your company very satisfied especially when it comes to the installation part. In less than 30 minutes you will be up and running. You will access the structure of your Active Directory with just one mouse click. If you need any support it’s included free of charge.

Modern device management

The topic device management in companies and organizations still needs some clarification work. The users firstly feel a loss of their freedom. The general locking of interfaces for mobile data carriers and USB connections for necessary peripherals is a mandatory requirement for many organisations.

Today’s organisations definitely require a device management, which allows the permissions on both user and device level. In the case of CD-ROM or DVD drives, the software even distinguishes between read and read / write authorization.

One important issue for your IT department is to organize information meetings and to explain and convince your Executives of the safety relevance and the comfort of modern solutions in your company.

The need to have a solution that is easy to deploy for your organisation

EgoSecure will use an agent that controls the permissions on the clients is simply installed as an MSI package via a software distribution. EgoSecure Data Protection generates this installation package with only a few mouse clicks. Finally, the individual requirements of the users will be taken into account. The decision which ports are opened depends exclusively on the requirements in terms of the task, but always taking into account the IT protection requirements.

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