iOS and Android devices under attack

New malware found, that are attacking both Android and iOS devices. It time for bank costumer’s to demand that their bank invest in new cyber security tools that will prevent today’s cybercrime.

Widespread routers’ DNS hijacking malware that recently found targeting Android devices has now been upgraded its capabilities to target iOS devices as well as desktop users.

The initial attacks were designed to target users from South East Asia–including South Korea, China Bangladesh, and Japan–the new campaign now support 27 languages to expand its operations to infect people across Europe and the Middle East.

When users attempt to access any website via a compromised router, they are redirected to rogue websites, which serves: fake apps infected with banking malware to Android users, phishing sites to iOS users.

Apple website, claiming to be ‘,’ and asks them to enter their user ID, password, card number, card expiration date and CVV number


It’s very complex to demand bank customers to understand how to protect them from today’s cyber crime. It cannot be on the end-user responsibility to change all their passwords frequently and to update the DNS on the WiFi-routers they are using. Today the most people are connecting to several WiFi-routers every day, how can they possible know if the router is compromised!

It’s time for the banks who not already have step up their cyber security to invest in tools that prevent cyber crime for their customers.


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