Ciptor has a fantastic team of highly skilled people who are certified by our partners and they can help you to develop your digital journey to meet your specific needs. We only works with key technological partners that are proven market leaders and top innovators, driven by innovation to enable powerful and secure user experiences, connect systems, create efficiencies and make sure your data not will be stolen by hackers and in the same time drive business growth. At Ciptor we also work with the leading OSINT experts and their platforms that monitor and analyze all data in real time on the DarkWeb.

From mobile and web apps to commerce and workstations we’ve got you covered.


We partner with HYPR, to shift the economics of cybersecurity and risk in the enterprises’ favor by removing the hackers’ primary target — passwords. Modernize your security and maintain a competitive edge with improved user experience. It’s time to make credential reuse attacks, account takeover fraud, and password breaches a thing of the past.

PhenixID -

Together with PhenixID  we strive to become the number one provider of secure authentication and identity products. We use PhenixID to provides solutions which enable organizations to secure their digital identities and its resources in a safe and cost-effective way. Our clients are SMB business and large corporation, who wants to have an easy to install and customized solution that fits into their existing infrastructure.

Svensk e-identitet -

Feitian Zero Administration is the Solution when your workforce needs to share devices. For example sectors like home care, health care and education will be able to login securely with a SecurityKey to a shared device. With the Feitian Zero Administration Platform in combination with a SecurityKey you will get a cost effective and user friendly GDPR compliant solution that will close the Multi-factor Authentication GAP in your organization. 

WebIQ -

Together with WebIQ and their OSINT experts we making the world a better place. To fight online child abuse, trafficking of human beings and fraud, Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporates need the best technology available. Web-IQ provides smart solutions to extract intelligence from online data

Feitian -

We work very closely with Feitian and act as their Value Added Distributor and Reseller in several countries around the globe. We help SMB, large enterprise, Government and Banks to implement and integrate SecurityKey with the No 1 security problem: stolen login credentials.  We help our clients to implement solution that are proven to scale. Feitian is certified by the leading Internet, Financial and Retail companies around the world.

Cyberwatch -

CyberWatch Security provides pragmatic approaches to many of the complexities of protecting the infrastructure and data of an organization. We are a managed cybersecurity as a service company who specialize in threat hunting, cybersecurity center operations management, zero trust network access solutions, and virtual Chief Information Security Officer services. The first step in cybersecurity is understanding the problem! Lets us help you do that!

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