To receive the best customer experience, we strongly advise you to purchase Ciptor products through our exclusive network of Authorized Resellers, or direct from Ciptor. We take our brand, our products, and intellectual property very seriously and have invested heavily in protecting it across the Internet, at retail, and with our B2B partners. We monitor the Internet marketplaces closely and continue to identify and remove unauthorized resellers.

Dustin -

At Dustin you will find the latest SecurityKey's from Feitian. All products are brand new to help you have an excellent authentication experience. Dustin are ceritfied and have been trained on Feitian products and services to develop their expertise, and have access to Feitian Technical Support for after-sales service on your behalf. You can be confident knowing your product is legally sourced and backed by a qualified sales and support team.

PhenixID -

Together with PhenixID  we strive to become the number one provider of secure authentication and identity products. PhenixID have integrated support for HYPR and Feitian SecurityKey's natively on their platform. Ciptor R&D Team works closely with the PhenixID R&D Team to make sure your authentication experience will be following best pracitices to increase the security, onboarding and user experience. PhenixID have full access to HYPR and Feitian products and services to develop their expertise, and they have access to  Ciptor Technical Support for after-sales service on your behalf. You can be confident knowing your product is legally sourced and backed by a qualified sales and support team.

Svensk e-identitet -

To receive the best customer experience Ciptor have in close collaboration with Svensk e-identitet created the Feitian Zero Administration Tool. This is the Solution when your workforce needs to share devices. For example sectors like home care, health care and education will be able to login securely with a SecurityKey to a shared device. With the Feitian Zero Administration Platform in combination with a SecurityKey you will get a cost effective and user friendly GDPR compliant solution that will close the Multi-factor Authentication GAP in your organization. 

With the FZA you will get a professional User Experience, and we have training on our products and services after-sales service on your behalf.

WebIQ -

Together with WebIQ and their OSINT experts we making the world a better place. To fight online child abuse, trafficking of human beings and fraud, Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporates need the best technology available. Web-IQ provides smart solutions to extract intelligence from online data

Feitian -

We work very closely with Feitian and act as their Value Added Distributor and Reseller in several countries around the globe. We help SMB, large enterprise, Government and Banks to implement and integrate SecurityKey with the No 1 security problem: stolen login credentials.  We help our clients to implement solution that are proven to scale. Feitian is certified by the leading Internet, Financial and Retail companies around the world.

Cyberwatch -

CyberWatch Security provides pragmatic approaches to many of the complexities of protecting the infrastructure and data of an organization. We are a managed cybersecurity as a service company who specialize in threat hunting, cybersecurity center operations management, zero trust network access solutions, and virtual Chief Information Security Officer services. The first step in cybersecurity is understanding the problem! Lets us help you do that!

Story & Reels -

Story and Reels is a crash course that will teach you all the features about stories and reels, hashtags, music, captions, text, trends and everything else that you need to know to take your Instagram marketing to the next level. It´s an Instagram manual that will get you new followers, get more interactions on your content, sell more and the chance to go viral on reels.

If you have an Instagram & Facebook shop(or would want one) then this course will teach you how to automate and sync your IG & FB shops to your ordinary web shop. 
So whenever you update your inventory in your ordinary web shop it will update the IG & FB shops automatically. 


If you want a quick way of learning what you as a businessowner really needs to know about Instagram and Shops, than this is a must!

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