Prepare your application for GDPR with Triggerfish

Much is being spoken about the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, which from 25th of may will regulate the handling of personal information in Sweden. It replaces Personuppgiftslagen (PuL) and will require extensive changes to organisations and businesses. Violating GDPR may result in high penalties, up to four percent of a companys turnover or maximally 20 million euro.

Detect and report incidents in time
One of the new requirements is that if there is a security incident involving personal data, such as a hacking or accidental loss of personal data, the incident must be documented and reported within 72 hours. In some cases, if for example there is a risk of identity theft or fraud, the exposed users need also be informed. To live up to the new requirements it is important that organizations and companies that process personal data have sufficient procedures and tools in place to detect, report and investigate incidents.

With the help of the monitoring service Triggerfish you discover incidents against your website and can report them in time.
Triggerfish is a monitoring service for websites which provides you a thorough understanding of what is happening on your web applications. The service detects data incidents such as ongoing attack attempts but also security flaws that attackers can exploit to gain access to confidential information. Triggerfish also alerts when your webapplication is used in an abnormal way, which is often a sign of an ongoing attack attempt.

Advantages of Triggerfish
Get information about security incidents and ongoing attack attempts in real time.
Get to know if an attacker managed to access any confidential information.
Get knowledge and gives the opportunity to examine in detail what the attacker or users have done.
Provides information about the suspicious activity on the website which often is a sign of an ongoing attack attempt.
Adaptable to different web applications and functionality.
Automatic review of your webapp to regularly detect security vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to increase your level of security.
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