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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Feitian

Casing Model: K13

Dimension: 47.3 * 29.3 * 8.3mm (L*W*H)

Weight: 6.25g

Button & Lights: Physical type; green, red and blue LED lights

Embedded Security Algorithm: ECDSA, SHA256, AES, HMAC, ECDH

Casing Material: ABS, Calcium Carbonate

Interface Type: USB (Via Cable), NFC, BLE

Communication Protocol: CTAP2, HID, ISO 14443

Working voltage: 5V DC

Rating Current: 65mA


  • The first FIDO U2F certified security key that supports Bluetooth. Protect your online accounts against unauthorized access by using 2 factor authentication with the Feitian Security Key K13 BLE & NFC security key. It’s the world’s most protective USB, NFC & BLE security key that works with more online services/apps than any other
  • Identified as a standard HID device
  • Interface: USB, NFC and BLE
  • MULTI-PROTOCOL SUPPORT: The Fetian Security Key 13 authenticator includes Bluetooth & NFC and has multi-protocol support including Smart card secure element and JavaCard operating system
  • Prevent phishing and Man-In-The-Middle attack
  • Single authenticator could be used for multiple applications
  • DURABLE AND SECURE: Extremely secure and durable, Feitian Security Keys are tamper resistant, water resistant, and crush resistant. The Feitian Security Key K13 NFC-BLE-USB is designed to protect your online accounts from phishing and account takeovers
  • FIDO: The Feitian Blutetooth K13 is FIDO certified and works with Google Chrome and any FIDO-compliant application on Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Secure your login and protect your Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Outlook, accounts and more
  • FITS USB-A PORTS: Once registered, each service will request you to insert the Feitian K13 PC security key into a USB-A port and tap to gain access. NFC-ENABLED: Also get touch-based authentication for NFC and Bluetooth supported Android and iOS devices and applications. Just tap & go!


Model number MultiPass FIDO®
Product name MultiPass FIDO® – K13
Supported Operating Systems Chrome OS, Windows, Linux, macOS,Android 5+
Certifications FIDO® U2F L2 Certified
Functions FIDO® U2F
Embedded security algorithm ECDSA, SHA256, AES, HMAC, ECDH
Interface type USB, NFC, BLE
Data storage life At least 10 year
Programming cycles 100,000 times
Communication protocol CTAP2, HID, ISO 14443
Working voltage 5.0V
Working current 65mA
Power 0.375W
Working temperature -10ºC ~ 60ºC
Storage temperature -20ºC ~ 75ºC
Button & Light Physical type; Green,red and blue LED lights

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Weight 0.003 kg
Dimensions 5 x 4.5 x 0.2 cm


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