Had Enough Yet?       

Security is all about timing. All the security technology in the world is designed to either prevent something bad from happening or tell you when something suspicious is happening. For many organizations, this has led to technology sprawl, multiple dashboards (and vendors), and out of control alert notifications.

GoSecure Titan Managed Detection and Response service is designed to reduce the alert fatigue while at the same time increasing the speed of detection. Only GoSecure has detection and response capabilities across all the main attack vectors, and multi-observational analysis to highly accurately correlate unknown actions, stopping breaches before they happen. Industry testing has confirmed that GoSecure achieves the highest rate of detection, even amongst previously unknown attacks.

Industry Leading Visibility

GoSecure Titan Managed Detection and Response delivers visibility across all the main threat vectors:

  • Email
  • Endpoint
  • Network
  • Insider Activity
  • Web


Within each vector, GoSecure provide detection and response capabilities built on synergies derived from having multi-vector visibility. Knowing that ransomware is being delivered via email disguised as a vendor notification allows us to not only protect the email channel but update our endpoint detection capabilities with the ransomware details. Finding previously unknown malware as part of an Incident Response investigation upgrades the capabilities of all detection and response solutions.

Broad Spectrum Advisory Services

With the shortage of security professionals continuing unabated, many organizations are looking for guidance. From top down security assessments to high-end red/blue/purple team engagements, GoSecure Advisory services have broad capabilities to address the need for guidance. And, when the worst does happen, GoSecure Incident Response services are ready to help.

GoSecure Titan Platform

Developed from the ground up to take a different approach, the GoSecure Titan platform is the foundation of everything we do. From technology to threat intelligence, the Titan platform allows us to deliver industry leading detection rates, even for unknown attacks.

Flexible Delivery Models

On-premise, cloud, hybrid? With GoSecure, you choose the delivery model that makes sense for you. And when you are ready to switch, we are here to make the move as painless as possible.

Experience the GoSecure Difference

Visibility, analysis, correlation and response. The four tenants of active security. But many organizations, despite the best of intentions, struggle with one (if not more). From the outset, GoSecure has been driven by the goal of delivering a service that can address all four quickly. It takes a unique combination of technology, intelligence, people and operational experience to deliver such a service, but we have so much faith in our capabilities that we offer an industry leading 15-minute SLA. End the technology sprawl and alert fatigue with GoSecure Titan Managed Detection and Response.

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