Logpoint comprehensive platform, delivering end-to-end services, automatically integrates data from endpoints, SIEM, UEBA, and SAP into SOAR for increased sophistication in responding and detecting threats.

With an out-of-the-box converged solution, Logpoint platform requires no extra maintenance or integration. It enables consolidation of multiple tools, reducing point solutions, vendors, and integrations requiring maintenance. By integrating threat intelligence, business context, and entity risk, weak alerts are transformed into meaningful investigations, scaling with efficiency.


Logpoint SIEM provides powerful data analysis to reduce cyber risk and accelerate threat detection and investigation.

This is achieved through centralized data monitoring and out-of-the-box compliance support.





Logpoint SOAR provides a comprehensive solution for Security Incident Investigation through Automation. By employing playbooks that automate the containment, inquiry, and removal of cyber threats, organizations can reduce cybersecurity risks.

With SOAR, analysts receive context enrichment via automated guidance, which boosts the efficacy of security operations. Through orchestration of security tools and integrations, security processes can be automated, and response streamlined.


Quick Detection of Insider and Unknown Threats.

Get ahead of threats by quickly spotting early signs of suspicious patterns and anomalous behavior via advanced User and Entity Behavior Analytics. Accelerate threat response and receive detailed analysis on successful or failed logins, brute-force attacks, program usage, transactions, and system access. UEBA also identifies unusual patterns in overall user activity.





Agent X

Agent X

Detect and remediate incidents on endpoints quickly using AgentX, a Logpoint native endpoint agent. It ensures in-depth malware detection and faster threat response.

By integrating AgentX with SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA, your security operations platform can include EDR capabilities without adding complexity to your tech stack. Keep your entire organization secure, even on endpoints you have never thought of before, with AgentX.


Effortlessly Manage Large Deployments

Enhance security and boost business efficiency with a centralized console that manages your distributed Logpoint Converged SIEM solution.

The Director offers customers, MSSPs, and MDRs the power to update, manage, operate, and monitor large and multitenant deployments quickly and easily.




Secure your SAP systems and applications against cyber threats with a powerful security management solution: BCS for SAP.

Effectively detecting, managing, and responding to unauthorized access, violations, fraud attempts, IP theft, and operational degradations, BCS helps safeguard the compliance, stability, and security of your SAP systems.

Security and Compliance Audit Monitoring - Boost your SAP security and respond effectively to threats. Attacks on SAP systems are increasing in frequency, severity, and complexity.

A successful breach can paralyze an organization, leak confidential information, weaken your brand authority and lead to substantial financial losses.

SAP Threat Monitoring


BCS (Business Compliance Services) for SuccessFactors helps organizations meet compliance regulations by securing sensitive data in SAP SuccessFactors.

This cloud-based HR system is a depository for some of the most sensitive and regulated data in an organization. Protecting employee information is essential to avoid fraud, breaches, costly compliance violations and damage to brand integrity. Learn more about our services below.

Business integrity monitoring facilitates early detection of advanced attacks and effective defense against fraud enabling reduced fraud losses. Improve detection of anomalies in business standards to uncover potential fraud patterns. Take necessary steps to mitigate fraud risk.

Business integrity monitoring facilitates early detection of advanced attacks and effective defense against fraud enabling reduced fraud losses. Improve detection of anomalies in business standards to uncover potential fraud patterns. Take necessary steps to mitigate fraud risk.


IT Service Intelligence

IT Service Intelligence ensure smooth operations, reduce risks of costly outages and help organizations swiftly identify operational problems before they affect revenue, customers, or internal teams. Logpoint IT-SI solution offers full visibility into your operational capabilities, monitoring them to proactively maintain system stability, eliminate downtime and avoid expensive outages.

Personal Identifiable Information Access Monitoring

To comply with data regulations, full control of sensitive data is essential. SAP's various applications, integrations, and databases store a wealth of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), making it an almost impossible task to know where your sensitive data resides, who has access to it, and how to monitor it.

Logpoints platform gives you a holistic insight through centralized monitoring enhances your ability to manage violations more effectively. No longer will you operate in the dark to meet compliance regulations.





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