SecurityKeys is a hardware authentication that has reimagined phishing-resistant authentication for modern times. It's designed to secure the identities of users and employees, reduce support costs, and provide an unmatched user experience.

SecurityKeys is entirely focused on security, trusted by millions and delivers peace of mind for enterprises, SMBs, individuals, and developers through modern authentication.



In today's world, modern phishing-resistant authentication is a necessity in order to prevent advanced threats.

Did you know that 90% of all internet breaches result from stolen login credentials? SMS, mobile authentication apps, and legacy one-time passcodes (OTPs) are all susceptible to these threats.

How SecurityKeys Works?

SecurityKeys offer fast and simple authentication. There's no need to memorize or type in codes. Just verify by touching the SecurityKey and you're in. Furthermore, once an app or service is verified, it stays trusted, meaning no repeated key use.

SecurityKey's are available in several form factors and support numerous authentication protocols, working with a vast range of applications and services. Not requiring a mobile connection or batteries, they're both water and crush-resistant and boast a long-lasting lifespan.



Why SecurityKey's are implented by the leading enterprises such as Bank of America, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple?

Because of Stolen Login Credentials

(Don't let stolen credentials  put your organisation at risk)

Phishing and ransomware attacks are growing concerns, and hackers can easily bypass legacy multifactor authentication (MFA). SMS and authentication software, as well as security codes downloaded on a computer or phone, are all vulnerable to modern phishing and Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.

The path to phishing-resistant MFA and passwordless authentication may seem challenging. However, many organizations are not aware that implementing hardware authentication using best practices and a service-based approach can offer the strongest security and yet be made easy.

Do you want to deploy SecurityKeys for your enterprise!

Order SecurityKeys online

Plug & Play with the SecurityKeys and learn wich keys would suit your organisation the best.

Experience the speed and ease of setting up apps and services you are using today with SecurityKeys. Secure hundreds of personal and work accounts with SecurityKeys, while keeping your secrets exclusive between services, by purchasing keys online.

Buy a SecurityKey

Connect with one of our SecurityKey experts and explore possible use cases and requirements.

Discuss your organization's goals, environment, and use cases while learning more about how SecurityKeys can improve security and provide a fast, easy user experience for your organization.

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SecurityKeys will be enabled to secure your environment

Implementing a new phishing resistant authentication standard for your organization.

Our experts are able is available to provide support for seamless technical integration of SecurityKey for technical integration of SecurityKeys into your existing systems, ensuring a frictionless implementation.

Expand your cybersecurity knowledge and expertise by attending our tailored technical and business workshops.

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