Cyber Security Compliance

Our services will help you to understand how you are positioned in respect to today’s cyber security requirement. Ciptor will help you to understand where your data assets are and how you can protect it. We will help you to create a gap analyses and give you an overall view on how you can protect your data.

How we help you

At Ciptor we play a unique in your go-to-market strategy in each countries where we have our local team based. It’s important for us that you reach your business growths in the best possible way. Ciptor’s Cyber Security Experts are specialised in different fields. We invest considerable resources in continually developing and retaining this expertise. With our range of competencies we make it possible for you to succeed.

Global Network and Local personal relationships

Ciptor’s local and specialised experts help you to make better, safer and successful business. In each region we will advise and serve you in strategic and commercial considerations to make it possible for you to accelerate your business growth.

Supply Chain Services

Ciptor have a global experienced team in supply chain services. We know that supply chain are complex. Ciptor has different supply chain competencies and experience and we know how to give you advantages in terms of price, competence and flexibility. We have extensive experience of various supply chain services in forms of currency invoicing, tax recoverability, export, international bank network, tax lawyers and we are able to give you a holistic mindset and we can give you a clear legal guidance for every detail in a supply chain.

Global Deployment

Ciptor team has a deep and global knowledge of cyber security solutions in a wide variety of industries. We can assist our vendors and customers on a daily basis with applications for deployment, education, support, and regulatory issues and to make the deployment user friendly. A large part of our global deployment also include measure and follow up on the satisfaction or our services and products to always make sure to know how we perform.

Marketing Services

Ciptor help you to create a local and customized marketing plan that brings out the best of your solution. We work on a Global market with local expertise to make your brand to shine. We make people to talk about your solution and we work very close with you and we deliver Cyber Security, together. We know you need patience to be able to just find your position in the local market and we help you to create marketing you will be proud of.

Ciptor Training

Ciptor have an exclusive way to train and learn cyber security best practises and industry standards. We give our customers the tools and processes on how cyber security should be built into each phase of your solutions lifecycle. Ciptor cooperate with international training institutions and organisations. Our partnership allow clients to worldwide knowledge in a easy way.