We help create business value through strategically innovative Passwordless Authentication solutions. At Ciptor, we find new ways to address the challenges of becoming Passwordless.

We are the new Cybersecurity agency uniquely designed to transform businesses Passwordless. Ciptor helps clients with their Passwordless authentication challenges. Our  services enhance the user authentication experience across the globe to their fullest potential.


Transformation Passwordless Consulting

Revolutionary technology innovations and shift towards a Passwordless era have created unprecedented disruptions for companies as the embrace the Passwordless mindset to drive transformation. At Ciptor we believe that the most significant challenge companies face today is the constant state of change in this new Passwordless era.

Ciptor supports the transformation of our clients by consulting, coaching and training. Our services in the area of Passwordless Transformation Consulting include creating new ways of authentication, payment transactions, innovation and training of Best Authentication Practices. The challenge our clients have of demand radical changes. Therefore Passwordless Authentication Transformation frequently requires a shift in leadership and company culture. Ciptor guides its clients to become Passwordless using global expertise, architecture design and data insights.

In the era of Passwordless Authentication the user experience has become a success factor. Ciptor helps to design Passwordless Authentication models and brands with the client need and collecting data analytics to help the client to improve their customer experience. Our clients save time and energy and they can focus on making their business more secure and profitable.

Turn your SecurityKey and Smart Phone into a Smart Card. Imaging a workplace where the only thing employees needs to focus on is their work. 

Employees should feel safe using their workstations and smart phones. Most traditional Authentication methods are insecure. SMS, one time passwords, and even mobile push authenticators are susceptible to account takeover attacks. Password lockouts generate service desk calls and lost user productivity. The adoption of Ciptor Authentication Express is the rare cybersecurity investment that returns immediate and measurable bottom line benefit for your organization.

Ciptor has solved this problem by leveraging on the latest technologies including FIDO2 to help organizations who wants their employees to get a passwordless experience. Organizations will be able to Manage, Provision and Deploy FIDO Policies with the world’s leading FIDO Control Center.

Our latest Ciptor Authentication Express accelerates your deployment of FIDO authentication by pre-integrating with all major IAM, IdP and KYC systems.

Let us show you how to keep your employees safe without sacrificing the employee experience.

Passwordless Desktop Authentication

As the cost for data breaches has explode, keeping focus on your workforce workstations has never been more important. Ciptor has been recognized as a leading cybersecurity company. We work analytically to identify and understand the strategic challenges our clients must overcome to strengthen their cybersecurity positon, and develop tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

  • How can we deploy secure access to your workstations?
  • How can Remote Lock be integrated with your AD?
  • How can Remote Lock be used on a virtual machine world-wide?
  • How can Remote Lock increase the user experience?

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Employee Authentication

Our Passwordless Authentication Platform, will change the way how your IT-department can support your workforce in their daily work – It will change your way of work! Using our Passwordless Platform will modernize your security and maintain a competitive edge with improved user experience.

Our work usually begins with a discovery phase to understand your business challenges. With our insight and idea approach to get your workforce to become Passwordless we can help you to set goals and match your roadmap on how to secure your workforce.

  • How can we take away Account Takeover Fraud?
  • How can we remove authentication friction and improve the user experience?
  • How can we help your workforce to become more secure?
  • How can our Passwordless Authentication Platform scale with your workforce?

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Consumer/Customer Authentication

The modern world demands Seamless Security Experiences Across Multiple Touchpoints. Digital identity driven commerce is the next evolutionary step where the most brands faces challenges on how they can improve the speed and ease of the identification and authentication for a user to become on the edge and in the front of their competitive and the hackers. As you can read daily about data breaches it takes a lot of resources and it cost a lot of money from the business.

Our work usually begins with a discovery phase to understand your business challenges. With our insight and idea approach to get your workforce to become Passwordless we can help you to set goals and match your roadmap on how to secure your Consumer/Customer Authentication.

  • How can we remove stored password/PIN Codes in your organization?
  • How can we help you to make it possible to login from any Touchpoint
  • How can we remove friction?
  • How can we improve your user experience?
  • How can we integrate the Passwordless Platform on your Web and Mobile Apps?

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