Smart Card Reader R301-C45

FEITIAN R301_C45 is specially engineered to accommodate a range of smart card applications.

Developers use R301 as a platform to generate and deploy related products and services. Moreover, FEITIAN R301 is a terminal unit which is seamlessly integrat- ed to all major systems of operation. Additional features such as the built-in inclusive support for different smart card interfaces has facilitated the wide scale and cross industry adoption of R301.

FEITIAN provides bR301BLE Bluetooth Contact Smart Card Reader which is a CCID and PCSC standard product, the product is developed based on ISO 7816 standard, which supports T0 and T1 cards, extended APDU is also supported. bR301BLE can be used on iOS, Android, PC platforms. The product is compact, light and easy to operate, with Bluetooth low power consumption design to save battery, and using latest contact technologies to support the world-wide range of commonly used IC chip cards. bR301BLE is a card reader hardware which requires a software to communicate with.

FEITIAN provides library and graphical user interface that allow user to all functions for secondary development. For mobile platforms, customer can develop their own application based on FEITIAN SDK. For PC platforms, bR301BLE is fully compatible through a traditional USB cable (Micro USB cable included in package). For using bR301BLE with Bluetooth connection on PC platforms, an extra Bluetooth CCID driver is required.

FEITIAN R301 is compliant with ISO 7816  Class A,B,C and EMV Level 1 specifications

Contact one of Ciptors Feitian Experts and we will help you to deploy smart card readers for your organisation:


  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Device 12Mbps
  • Supports upgrading in encryption
  • Build in short circuited/over-voltage protection
  • Read/write all CLASS A, B and C smart cards
  • Support Extended Length APDU
  • UID (User ID) management
  • Anti-reverse analysis, firmware encryption mechanism, cannot be read out
  • Microsoft WHQL certified
  • Compiled standard CCID specification, driverless for Windows, Linux, macOS, UNIX

Key Applications

  • e-Government
  • e-Passport
  • e-Banking
  • e-Tax
  • e-Healthcare
  • e-Payment
  • Network Access Control

Use Cases

  • Secure Authentication
  • Identification
  • Virtual Private Network
  • HD encryption
  • Document Signing
  • Smart card Logon
  • Email encryption

Size: 91 x 63 x 8 mm

Article number:130145

699 kr

Excluding VAT
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