Cyber Security in One Framework IAM

Powered by IBM  

CSOF IAM Powered by IBM: The Future of Identity and Access Management

Eliminate Identity Silos with CSOF IAM

Introducing CSOF IAM Powered by IBM, a revolutionary standalone solution designed to eliminate identity silos and streamline access control. Built with flexibility, efficiency, and scalability in mind, this is not merely a directory server; it represents a fresh perspective on envisioning and managing identities in today’s complex environments.

No matter the size of your enterprise, CSOF IAM integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, providing smooth and secure access management. In hybrid cloud environments where identities are the new perimeter, maintaining a single authoritative view of any given identity is crucial. CSOF IAM consolidates directories to deliver this single source of truth, management, and enforcement. This consolidation unlocks more intelligent use cases, threat detection, and a successful identity fabric solution. Furthermore, CSOF IAM helps reduce costs and improves compliance by decreasing shadow IT and simplifying the management of multiple directories.

Seamless Integration for All Applications
As organizations modernize their identity and access management (IAM) solutions, legacy applications often fall by the wayside due to funding limitations, time constraints, or the inability to modify existing authentication flows. CSOF IAM addresses these challenges by ensuring a smooth digital transformation with minimal effort or investment.

Designed to integrate legacy systems with modern IAM solutions, CSOF IAM eliminates integration complications while maintaining robust security and accessibility. No-code integrations allow legacy applications to leverage advanced authentication capabilities like passkeys, providing a unified view of user flows across all applications. This reduces risk and improves regulatory compliance, making your digital transformation seamless and efficient.

Real-Time, Risk-Based Authentication
CSOF IAM offers a dynamic, adaptive security layer that enables continuous, real-time assessment of identity risk levels for authentication and other key user lifecycle milestones. This ensures enhanced security without the need to overhaul existing systems.

Powered by AI, Verify Trust within CSOF IAM provides multilayered digital user risk assessments, transparently authenticating users and building trust for a seamless digital experience. It combines global intelligence, user behavioral biometrics, authentication results, network data, account history, and a variety of device risk detection capabilities to deliver highly accurate, low false-positive risk assessments. This improves user experience while enhancing security.

CSOF IAM enables continuous access by instrumenting user workflows beyond just authentication, including transaction monitoring. It can easily be integrated into existing application authentication flows, simplifying identity management across your hybrid environment. The identity orchestration engine allows you to build an identity fabric with no-code/low-code drag-and-drop simplicity, supplementing your existing identity tools and solutions.

Target Audience
CSOF IAM is designed for business owners, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who are seeking to modernize their identity and access management solutions. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, improve security, or ensure regulatory compliance, CSOF IAM Powered by IBM is the ideal solution for your organization.

Key Features:

  • Eliminate Identity Silos: Consolidates directories to provide a single source of truth, reducing costs and improving compliance.
  • Seamless Integration: No-code integrations facilitate the transition of legacy applications to modern IAM solutions.
  • Real-Time Risk-Based Authentication: Offers continuous, adaptive security assessments to enhance protection and user experience.
  • Simplified Identity Management: Low-code/no-code orchestration engine simplifies identity workflows across hybrid environments.


Unlock the future of identity and access management with CSOF IAM Powered by IBM. Transform your enterprise with a solution that is as flexible and scalable as your business needs.

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