Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Get ready for cyber attack!
Ciptor use Cyber Drill, a service to keep your users familiar with threats and information technology risk. We simulate and measure attack scenarios with various forms of the threats and cyber drill techniques. With our simulations of attack you will be able to measure the security awareness in your organisation. We can help you and your users to effectively reduce the number of security issues in your business.

Ciptor have designed a cyber security concept that will make it easy for your business to understand the needs in your business to make it possible to increase the cyber security awareness.

Global there is an increasing awareness and requirement to move away from the traditional Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Hype Cycle to a more productive and effective solution built around an integrated Risk Management Solution (IRMS).

Companies can no longer afford to simply aim for compliance, as this is usually a poor indicator of low risk. Compliance simply states effort and awareness, with little or no relevance to real-world risk management and implementation. Hence the move towards integrated risk management solutions that addresses actual corporate risk, where solutions are integrated instead of point solutions that addresses individual aspects of risk only.

Following a Gartner survey that 65% of CEOs believe that risk management is falling behind, Gartner has announced an initiative to launch a new Market Guide from 2016 specifically for IRMS that will address seven RMS market segments:

  • operational risk management (ORM)
  • IT risk management (ITRM)
  • business continuity management planning (BCMP)
  • IT vendor risk management (VRM)
  • audit management (AM)
  • corporate compliance & oversight (CCO)
  • enterprise legal management (ELM)

Risk management has focused too much on Governance and Compliance, leaving behind the principles of addressing real-world risks, exposing the operational longevity of companies that fail to cater for a rapid changing risk environment measured against digital risk and exposure. Companies are spending in increasing amount ($80 Billion+ in 2016) on Information Security, while digital criminals are spending less and less to earn increasingly higher returns due to decrease in equipment cost and processing power.

Modern Solution
Most companies already have the latest hype solutions around firewalls, DLP etc, either as point solutions or an integrated ‘fabric’ that aims to integrate security into a single vendor platform. So why/how is all the security still failing?

Simple. Target the weakest link in security.

No matter what your challenges are we will create solutions for your organisations that create real results. Here below you can read about solutions that we have long and global experience to work with.


Our FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor) and UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) Security Experts is focused to enables better security for online services, reduced cost for the deploying enterprise, and a simpler and safer consumer experience.

Do you understand which are your most secure and valuable authentication solution for your business for your customers and employees today? Your data stored in your company is the most valuable asset for your business - build security that makes it impossible for anyone to break into

Data Protection

Today data is an absolutely crucial asset for every organization. Data loss, due to theft or carelessness, can greatly harm an organization, perhaps even causing it to go out of business.

Our Data Security Experts is focused to UNDERSTAND your business data-security situation and then specifically PROTECT your business against the risks that are genuinely relevant for your organization.

Password Management

The way employees access every website and app are changing. Our Login Security Experts will secure and centralized control of employee passwords and apps in your business and keep your employees happy.

We help you to improve password management and your overall corporate security posture, that makes it so much easier to have and maintain best security practises.


Are you a service provider and handling sensitive personal data? Our Encryption Experts will help you to encrypted your laptops and memory sticks. We makes it possible for your business to treat your data seriously.

Vulnerability Detection

Detect security vulnerabilities on your website before Hackers do!Hacker attacks against web applications is a widespread and growing issue. By using Ciptor – Inspect, you will stop them in time!Attacks by hackers are a widespread and growing problem.

Studies show that 75% of all companies are not even aware that their business-critical information has been stolen. Companies are publishing more and more information on their websites in the belief that log-in functions mean they are secure. This information may include customer details, price lists, drawings, passwords and other personal data that attackers could be interested in accessing.