Desktop MFA Client

Solve your desktop MFA gap with a fast and easy passwordless user experience across Windows, Mac, Linux and virtual desktops


Secure Users and their Devices in Minutes

Onboard Users and their Devices in Minutes

Our user experience team help you to build the optimal user onboarding flow.


support all U2F and FIDO2 SecurityKeys

Use your Favorite SeucrityKey

We support all U2F and FIDO2 SecurityKeys. Now you can add a layer and get additional security to better protect your business.

Secure Remote Desktop Login

Secure Remote Desktop Login

Enable Secure True Passwordless MFA for RDP login for your workforce wherever they are.

Works with everything everywhere!

Passwordless Identity Plugins

Do you log into your workstation with a password? Would you like to enable True Passwordless Authentication with your Identity Provider?


How to connect with your Identity Provider 

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How to connect with your Identity Provider

Even if your organization has multiple identity identity providers you’re able to automatically authenticate and gain access to your apps and resources. HYPR will enable True Passwordless SSO for fast and easy login across your fragmented identity systems – no matter how many providers you have.

It’s Time to Decouple Authentication from Identity

The cloud wars have created a state of identity turmoil characterized by poor user experience, MFA fatigue, and an unsolved password problem. Now a growing number of organizations are solving their authentication challenges with new products and initiatives that are separate from the password-based MFA provided by their incumbent IAM vendors. Contact us and explore the impact of having Zero Passwords.

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Zero Trust Means Zero Passwords

What is the #1 reason for lack of trust? Passwords.

So can you really achieve Zero Trust if you rely on passwords as the foundation for your security program? Contact us and explore the impact of having Zero Passwords.

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Get the best solution for your organization and specific use case. Our experts can advise on products, compatibility and UC deployments.

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