Why we preferred TrueSec as one of the best inspection tool

TrueSec is a highly regarded company that focuses on cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, and secure development. TrueSec have hand picked their team to provide a mix of expertise and experience. Due to their specialists deep skills, TrueSec is engaged in critical projects related to national security and infrastructure around the world.

Our TrueSec Portfolio of Services

TrueSec’s methodology, tools, and experience are invaluable when your business is the victim of a virus attack or other type of malicious code.  Several client’s inside banks, insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals, and multinational retail chains are using TrueSec cybersecurity incident management tool.

Stay ahead of cyber criminals! Security challenges are rapidly changing due to market changes, the mobile workforce, converging technology, and transition to the cloud. Discover TrueSec security offers and learn what you need to know to protect your investments from increasingly complex cybersecurity threats.

TrueSec Inspect

TrueSec Inspect has the capability to continuously detect and manage any vulnerabilities within OWASP Top 10, Sans Top 25 and other unknown vulnerabilities. Besides vulnerability detection the service also detects common usability, performance and robustness issues.

Next generation security automation meets leading cyber security experts
Using a hybrid approach, leading Truesec vulnerability researchers and penetration testers provides continuous trimming improvement to the platforms machine-learning and deep intelligence capabilities. By integrating the experience and knowledge from a continuously increasing number of more than a 1000 advanced penetration tests and red-team assignments, the service can detect and manage any current and future vulnerabilities and threats.

Our TrueSec offering includes:

  • Product configuration
  • Third-party integration
  • Stop an attacker from stealing confidential information from your website
  • Identify security issues misconfigurations and other weaknesses
  • Deployment & migration services
  • Quality-assurance testing
  • Admin training
  • User training
  • Support & maintenance

TrueSec Implementation Achievements

Ciptor team of professionals have successfully together with TrueSec helped clients to secure their website.Every time a new version of your website is released, there’s a chance a new bug or vulnerability is introduced. TrueSec has done 1000+ advanced penetration tests targeting websites all over the world. The unique expertise, including advanced vulnerability research and threat intelligence is constantly fed into the TrueSec Inspect threat discovery engine to improve the detection excellency. By using TrueSec Inspect with scheduled inspections, you’ll be notified of any new issues that might have arisen. When your developers are done fixing the issues, you can schedule a new inspection to verify that everything has been secured.

TrueSec Inspect – a lightweight and friendly inspection tool
Your site will continue to operate seamlessly while TrueSec Inspect does its job. To minimize the impact on your website, TrueSec Inspect samples all pages intelligently. We are focused on helping you keep your site secure, so all findings come with a helpful guide on how to fix the problem.

More than just finding security issues
In addition to detecting security weaknesses, you will get complete insight into what can be improved on your webpage. For example, TrueSec Inspect informs you about:

  • Status of SSL/TLS certificate
  • Broken links
  • External resources that the website relies on
  • Personal data exposure, like emails or other personal information that is stored on the website
  • Unsecured resources that is being used
  • Exposed documents
  • Open ports and services running
  • Status of cookies
  • If necessary security measurements are being used

An intuitive user interface

After each inspection, you get a summary of the findings. Our interface gives you a clear and detailed view of the information, such as:

  • Findings with detailed information of description, recommendation and location on website
  • Severity of the findings
  • Findings mapped to OWASP top 10
  • Comparison between reports
  • Easily share reports

A security service developed by security experts
TrueSec Inspect is developed by some of the best security experts who have many years of experience in performing penetration tests, security audits, and assessments of web applications. With our knowledge of how to hack into different systems in various branches, gives us the best conditions to develop a competitive tool to secure your websites.