Two-factor Authentication for Schools and Universities

Two-factor Authentications are a vital function for Teachers and Students of any School or University today. Any organisation remains vulnerable to potential fraud and account take-over without Two-factor Authentication. Armed with the latest fraud technology the bad guys can open and take over a fraudulent account using a real identity.

With over 53,000 incidents and 2,216 confirmed data breaches during 2017, due to 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon, where the “Top Fraud” is use of stolen credentials (hacking), it has never been more critical to implement Two-factor Authentication for your School or University.

How can students and teacher use Two-factor Authentication in a secure and good experience with Zero Administration Tools?

Ciptor has a solution to help this problem—the Ciptor Security Platform combined with GrandID by Svensk e-identiet and Security Keys by Feitian and Yubico.

With our customized FZA (Feitian Zero Adminstration) and YZA (YubiKey Zero Administration), our Platform uniquely authenticate and connect the Security Key to your AD/LDAP/e-Directory etc… to any Web- or Mobile Applications, without any hassle for your IT-department.

With the FZA and YZA your School or University can easily reduce the potential fraud and take over of a user accounts.

FZA and YZA is a cross-industry platform of digital intelligence. It was specifically developed to meet the unique and complex challenges facing Schools and Universities to meet the rising demand of Two-factor Authentication. It helps stop fraud and stop hackers from stealing credentials.



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