Digtial Security First

Identity Access Management that puts your security first

Our top priority is keeping your workforce and customer safe. When you open an account with us, there are only two parties that will know of its existence, You and Us. On top of that we are only using our own Swiss Cloud, spread over two data centers and that are ISO 27001 certified. 

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Our number one priority is our clients and the safety of their workforce, customers and data at ITSAFE.

As cyberattacks grow in both number and sophistication, it's more important than ever to stay ahead of cyber criminals. ITSAFE continusly focuses resources and investment on critical cyber and information security capabilities. We have a vast array of both internal and external capabilities, aligned to the highest standards, in place to protect our clients and the safety of their workforce, customers and data.

Layers of security

Free Application Vulnerability Analysis

Discover critical security risks exposing your organization to data and finacial loss.

Request your free application vulnerability analyzer today!  One of our experts will help you to understand:

  • Critical security incidents that can compromise your organization
  • OWASP vulnerabilities your applications is currently vulnerable to
  • Data that has been compromised
  • Potential revenue loss due to fraud attacks on your applications and website.

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vulnerability risks

The world are changing and so do your enterprise. Today 95% of all organizations are hybrid and you need to redifine success in cybersecurity. Cyber threats are not going to decrease in the near future, and the challenges they cause your enterprise are real. 

Fast, Consistent Login Experience

Replace separate password-based MFA apps with asingle Passwordless app. Users are able to enroll in a single authentication layer that secures all mobile, web, desktop and SSO login experiences.

User login became faster, easier, and consistent.

Rapid Password Elimination

Your IT team will be able to accelerate the rollout of passwordless authentication. Your organization will eliminate passwords faster than they anticipated!

Without the pain of managing a crowd of fragmented MFA apps, flows, and experiences.

Future Proof & Ability to Scale

Authentication speed and the increased requirement of cybersecurity will continue year-overyear.

Implement Passwordless Authentication and quickly scale Passwordless Authentication across your growing user base and remove annual cost in password resets cost.


Made in Switzerland
Ciptor and our exceptional cybersecurity tools and solutions are made with exceptional quality and with increadible innovation from our headquarter in Switzerland. Switzerland has  probably the best ecosystem for fostering innovation around the world.

Ciptor leverages services from the best firms in the market to provide the most innovative and seamless experience to its clients.

Only you control your data 
Our own Swiss Cloud, spread over two data center in Switzerland gives you full control over your dat. When you are become a customer to us, there are only two parties that will know of its existence, You and Ciptor. All your data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws and Swiss neutrality. Just like a Swiss banking safe. Confidentiality, security and reliability are what we are made of.

Controlled and Assurance in Switzerland
We are using Swiss bank grade encryption security in combination with our state of the art approved ISO 27001 certified data centre.

All user data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance, which offers some of the strongest privacy protection in the world for both individuals and entities.

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