XXLSEC Military Grade Defense Tools

XXLSEC Military Grade Defense Tools

With more than 20 years of experience in cryptography and mobile networking combined to strong knowledge of intelligence and contacts around the world. XXLSEC PriveOSTM operating system is based on 100% open source code visibility, strong and publicly audited encryption and securely generated and user changeable certificates. XXLSEC run their PriveInfraTM solution on selectable platforms that are safe with no backdoors. XXLSEC encryption and solution ables SECRET level classification. 


XXLSEC customer range is from Pacific, Asia, EMEA to North America. XXLSEC is in use by several governmental organizations, Homeland Security, Military as well as business segments.

Why we preferred XXLSEC as the best Cybersecurity platform

Cyber Security Like No Other

XXLSEC are the only company in the world providing this level of proactive cyber security. While other cyber security companies focus on making their current solutions secure, XXLSEC has created totally independent and secure set of solutions that operate outside insecure domains and infrastructure, this is why the whole concept is called PriveInfraTM

XXLSEC source code and solutions are 100% transparent, auditable and secure. As our customer, you can verify the solution. If you do not trust your current service provider or communication devices, you are on right path. You should not trust them. Instead of trusting you can verify the source code and the features, that there are no features you don’t want to be there. It is all transparent and secure. Made In Finland – A privately owned company

XXLSEC Ltd is a Finnish based cyber security company. All XXLSEC products are developed and manufactured in Finland. Finland ́s national laws don’t obligate companies to create backdoors or force them to hand over the encryption keys. XXLSEC business environment allows them to create 100% secure solutions.


Our XXLSEC Portfolio of Services

PriveInfraTM is a capability as software approach for professional business and governmental users. With PriveInfraTM solution you ensure security and privacy in all business and operation critical communication.

PriveInfraTM delivers functionality – that is traditionally delivered with separate gears and devices in one integrated package. It will virtualize equipments from push-to-talk radios to blueforce positioning and GPS mapping, making them available as a software option to be delivered on whatever network you are using. All communication with PriveInfra devices is easy and unreachable for exfiltration vectors. State of the art cyber security technology PriveInfraTM is combination of carefully selected technologies to fulfill most demanding operational requirements of many professional user segments. Secure communication and data connections is a major requirement for all professional organisations among business and governmental users.

PriveOSTM is XXLSEC Ltd developed hardened Linux based operation system, with 100% security, visibility and transparency.

Closed User Group – PriveHUBTM
In PriveInfraTM solution every closed user group (CUG) can communicate securely with each other with PriveInfraTM devices. A CUG can be established for two to hundreds of users. All communication traffic is routed through PriveHUBTM.
Complete delivery to customer PriveInfraTM solution can be delivered to the customer as a full turn-key solution. There are no third party services nor servers you need to trust or use. No clouds or equipment in a third party’s control. You will control everything and you can evaluate everything, full transparency and security. PriveInfraTM is XXLSEC Ltd developed and US professional patent pending solution.

Our XXLSEC offering includes:

  • Product Configuration
  • Third-party integration
  • Deployment & migration services
  • Quality-assurance testing
  • Admin training
  • User training
  • Support & maintenance
  • PriveInfraTM – Communication Security
  • Tactical situational awareness
  • Situational Awareness Server as software
  • Tactical Eye application (Android, iOS)
  • Audiopipe encrypted audio recorder

XXLSEC Featured services

Service Level Agreements

XXLSEC Service Level Agreements are available in three levels. All with product development level assistance. Contact point for one named customer contact person.

SLA Silver (SAL 1) – Silver Service Level Agreement (SLA Silver) for PriveInfra deliveries. Response time 2-3 days.

SLA Gold (SLA 2) –Gold Service Level Agreement (SLA Gold) for PriveInfra deliveries. Response time max 24hrs.

SLA Platinum (SLA 3) – Platinum Service Level Agreement (SLA Platinum) for PriveInfra deliveries. Response time 1-6 hrs.

Technical support for non SLA customers. Opening fee for incident and support task related work by actual working hours. In project deliveries we offer Crypto specialist and cybersecurity experts work for projects, installations and training.