iePass FIDO2 USB-C - K44

Feitian iePass K44 FIDO2 SecurityKey

You want a security key that is FIDO2 certified for your mobile devices with support for both USB-C and Lightning connectors. With iePass K44 you prevent account takeovers and you get a strong protection against phishing.

If you would like to have the K44 configured with PIV or OTP please contact us. 

Product description

The latest product in the Feitian ePass product category. A future-proof multi-function security key.

  • Prevents account takeovers and provides strong protection against phishing
  • Secure login to web and mobile applications (iOS, Android)
  • Strong and password-free two-factor and multi-factor login to your tablets and mobile devices.
  • Support for FIDO2, U2F, OTP and PIV

Strong security for mobile applications with both USB-C and Lightning connector

  • A security key that works equally well on iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices.
  • Strong two-factor authentication for accessing mobile apps.
  • Ability to share devices within your organization, as each employee logs in with their unique security key to one or more mobile apps.

When more people need to share business phones

  • Integrate the security key into your user directory/AD
  • Integrate the security key to your IDP (Identity Provider)
  • Quick and easy registration of new users
  • Quick and easy registration of new devices
  • Cost-effective to acquire security keys instead of phones.

If you would like to have the K44 configured with PIV or OTP please contact us. 

Supported Operating Systems: Chrome OS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Maximum number of credentials: No Limit

Communication Protocol: HID

Dimensions: 43mm x 13mm x 5.5mm

Warranty: This product comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Article number:10044

399 kr

Excluding VAT
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