Eliminate passwords and accelerate adoption of multifactor security with a consistent experience that delights your employees and customers. The HYPR platform is Engineered to optimize and personalize Passwordless Authentication.

SecurityKey Zero Admin Tool! When more people need to share business devices

Are you looking for a solution who can mangage shared devices in combination with SecurityKey's? We have the solution!

Our smart SecurityKey Zero Admin -package includes; SecurityKey Apps and Self-service Administration. Contact one of our experts and they will let you know everything you need.

Feitian Zero Administration

  • Mobile App Authentication
  • iOS and Google Play 
  • Integration to AD
  • Integration to System
  • Feitian SecurityKey K9 with NFC. Works both on Android and iOS Devices
  • Feitian SecurityToken C100 when you are out of option (no USB port or NFC connection) but you need a Two-factor Authentication Method.

  CyberWatch managed SIEM removes the need for costly complex integration


CyberWatch is a Threat Hunting and Vulnerability Management Solution.

CyberWatch provides organizations with the needed tools and technologies to directly correlate actionable threat intelligence, defensive measures and technology to their internal infrastructure, servers, workstations and networks. CyberWatch managed SIEM removes the need for costly complex integration, involved training and management of technicians and required hardware and software.

DarkWeb monitoring

Get alerts if your personal information is at risk. DarkWeb is where cybercriminals buy and sell stolen information and the risk of Cybercrime is greater than ever.  Our DarkWeb monitoring tool has stored all data since 2015 and it's the global leading tool used by law enforcement around the world.

DarkWeb monitoring

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