Ciptor ITSAFE Cybersecurity Platform

We are the pioneers of strong authentication and we have been working in the frontline to stop hackers with strong authenticaton since 2008. We help organizations to provide a way to tackling both user experience and security and to meet their multi-cloud digital engagement objectives. One of the most critical initiatives we help our customers with is to move away from centralized passwords across customer-facing applications
The growing numbers of applications used across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud raises the bar on what is required from a security tools, with consistency in security policy. Organizations are struggling to achieve high-quality protection and centralized cross-cloud visibility. Organizations can no longer trust different cloud applications that they currently use or their security staff to configure and maintain a strong cybersecurity defence to protect them from digital attacks.
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It all starts with confirming an Identity

Our modern ITSAFE cybersecurity platform includes the most critical part to secure your workforce. ITSAFE Identity is so much more then just the login button. We are helping you to deploy a frictionless user experience with True Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication with SecurityKey's and HYPR. We eliminate the need of passwords and accelerate adoption of True Passwordless Authentication with a consistent experience that delights your workforce.

Eliminate password related tickets to your help-desk

ITSAFE platform helps operational managers like you to not just save time and money, you will get a modern phishing-resistant authentication platform. You will reduce password related helpdesk ticket with 75% . 

Your workforce are focusing on their work and can easily be distracted. In fact 90% of all cybersecurity breaches are caused by workforce mistakes. 

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Why an optimized digital workforce experience matter

Why it matters

Workforce grade user experience

The average firm spends $5.2 million a year on setting and resetting passwords due to a Forrester research, this means $70 per each inidviual password reset. If time matters for you, each employee lose 11 hours per year just resetting passwords. Several figures on your organization's balance sheets are directly related to password reset cost. To learn more how we can help you to save money and time, book a free consulation with one of our experts.

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Passwordless authentication is 300% times faster than traditional methods


Reduction in account takeover, after implementing passwordless authentication


The number 1 reason to a data breach is passwords. 90% of data breaches are due to stolen login

Reduce password related helpdesk tickets with 75%

Secure, frictionless and easy-to-use, passwordless authentication is designed to get maximum amount of consumers to login with a positive experince. Our customer have been able to:

  • Reduce password related helpdesk tickets with 75%
  • Reduce account takeover 
  • Eliminate phishing
  • Mangage incidents before they occur
  • Engage staff with measurable goals and drive competition between teams.
  • Empower a cybersecurity leadership to be included decisions about customer experience

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Transform your business with modern passwordless workforce!

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