C200 OATH/TOTP (8 Digit)

FEITIAN OTP C200 I34 OATH Time-base (TOTP) 8 digits

Robust and stylish safety box that you easily attach to your key chain. It is designed to protect your digital identity. With the C200, you get a cost-effective two-factor login for all your employees. This product is certified by Microsoft. 

The latest product from Feitian in the C-Series with 8-digits. Contact us on Ciptor and we will help your organisation to find out the best way for how to deploy Security Token to your Team members in an easy way, with no need to install any drivers.

Secure sharing of seeds files

Release of seeds files is done securely and encrypted via Crypho or Synkzone. When ordering the C200, you will receive an invitation from Crypho or Synkzone where you will have access to your seed files in an encrypted and secure way.



Article number:10201

149 kr

Excluding VAT
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