Passwordless Authentication Is The Future (podcast)

Passwordless Cybercrime is set to cost the global economy $6 Trillion in 2021 and some 80% of these attacks are password-related. Knowledge-based authentication – whether with PINs, passwords, passphrases, or whatever we need to remember.

Each employee password reset costs an average of $70. How many times have you reset your password this year? The number of passwords we're managing continues to grow as our digital identities become more complex, so how do we keep our credentials secure?

This podcast are talking about the pathway to the future - Passwordless Authentication.

Sam Tang, EY's Cyber Chief Identity Architect, Rob Foster, EY Cybersecurity Senior Manager and George Muldoon, HYPR Global Alliance Leader and subject matter resource in passwordless authentication in their discussion on common obstacles and cutting-edge solutions when using passwords.

Listen to the podcast on the following link: Podcast Passwordless Authentication

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